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Low Tapes alert

Level 4



I'm looking for a script or using OpsCenter to genrate a report for low tapes in the library.

We have 6 Library in company

3 connected to Windows System and 3 connect to netbackup Applicance

I would like to get a report if the number of empty tape is below 5. Report needs to be run twic a day in morning and afternoon.

Please let me know if anyonce can help.



Level 6

This post: might be of some help.

Still do not understand this not a standard alert in OpsCenter alert policies.

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue


Hi Michael,

It appears it is.  I'm trying to remember how far back I've been using it....I think at least version 7.5 and maybe earlier.  I'm on 7.7.3 now and still have it.  Have a look under Alert Conditions->Media->Low Available Media.  The description is "Generated when the number of available media becomes less than the present threshold value".

I've included an attachment (LowAvailableMedia.png) that shows the properties for the alert condition.

Hopefully this might help the original poster.  Just not sure how it will count across multiple libraries - works for me as I only have one.

Hope this helps,



We dont have Analytics license and under standard license its not available

Thank you, I always was looking into reports, i never through of alerts.


I have created one now, so homefully I will be able to test this


I have a script that checks this anytime I wish.

It is based on the fact that your tapes always come from the scratch pool. And the command

"vmquery -pn scratch_pool -b"

will list all the tapes in the scratch pool. 

With some care, you can summarize all your  scratch tapes by counting how many you have for each robot.


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