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MSDP and Multi-Networks

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Hi all, 

In the work of Media Server Deduplication Pool. StorageServer is created by name (not IP). The server has 2 network interfaces. Network1 - technological; for backup/restore. Network2 - test; for restore (no gateway). MSDP stopped working and changed its status to DOWN.


April 20 09:30:30 ERR [000002094C116980]: -1: NetConnectByAddr: Failed to connect to spad on port 10102 using the following interface (s): [ip-network2 ip-network1 :: 1] (No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Netstat result:

TCP ip-network1: 10102 StorageServer: 53317 ESTABLISHED

TCP ip-network2: 10102 StorageServer: 56044 ESTABLISHED

After deactivate network2, MSDP changed status to UP. StorageServer resumed operation.

I tried to configure \msdp_data\etc\puredisk\agent.cfg:

url=pdde://StorageServer: 10102

replaced by

url=pdde://ip-network1: 10102

With this setting, StorageServer changes its status to DOWN

Question: is it possible to configure/restrict msdp to work only with network1? Hope this should

eliminate conflicts.



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NetBackup MSDP can use a specific interface when the host has multiple interfaces, see:

About the network interface for MSDP


Without knowing for sure, I suspect that this has to be configured at build / MSDP creation time, i.e. changing the interface that MSDP has selected and configured for itself after it has configured itself for that interface might not be a customer supported action.  Maybe you can get it to work if you fudge some hosts file name entries and configure some persistent routes for yourself... but maybe something deep inside MSDP just doesn't like us (the customer) trying to force it like that.

Anyway, the manual clearly states that you can achieve what it is you want to achieve.  But, IMO, without any specific experience, maybe this is a one-shot action at MSDP creation time.


Thank you for your reply. You are absolutely right.

I checked the options that are described below.

Method 1.

I set the metric values

ip-network1 = metric 1

ip-network2 = metric 5

Used this in work.

 Method 2.

It is not in the Veritas documents. You can manually configure the following sections of the configuration files. This was checked on the stand.


# Host name or IP address of the storagepool authority

# @ReadOnly @restart



# Host name or IP address of the MBS

# @ReadOnly @restart



# Host name or IP address of the controller (ctrl)

# @ReadOnly @restart



#template which describes how to contact central logger



#template which describes how to contact central logger



# The ip of the central debug daemon



# Ip address or hostname for the SMTP server




; IP address or hostname of CA

; @ReadOnly @restart






 The method described in the Veritas documentation is to create msdp. Specify the parameter: “Use Specific Network Interface - ip address”.