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MSDP backup by media server one & we need to restore using media server 2

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Hi Team this forum is continuation of the


We have existing Netbackup setup with master server , with multiple media servers, pure disk & tape library.

we are in the process of migrating somewhat 600 servers with 300 TB data from our other site, we have grouped these servers, where max data size 25 TB per group.

I am only concerned with one full backup as restore point for me in case of any corruption happens

I want to understand if I Install a media server with 25 TB disk pool from storage & configure deduplication pool, master server setting in targer will control backup, & media server in source will perform MSDP backup on this DSTU dedup. pool, 

Now if I replicate this DSTU (LUN) to my target storage DSTU, can I restore is dedup. data from another media server setting in target DC?

 what are Rough Technical activities need to be performed to understand the approach 

What is your recommendation on this or best way of doing this? 






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Please tell us more about the  target storage DSTU.

Another media server (under same Master)?
Also a dedupe storage unit?

NBU will always restore from the primary copy. You can either promote the duplicate copy to primary or else tell NBU to restore from a different copy.
(Will look up details a bit later and post here.)


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In my target site, I have full flage netbackup domain running with multiple media server & pure disk server.

Another media server (under same Master)? yes, I will install new media server in source who will report to master server in target, (we have L2 link between sites).

Also a dedupe storage unit? in target I have pure disk server with 32 tb dedup pool. also I have some 30 tb free space on SAN which I can utilize as MSDP if I have some solution. 

actually I am new to MSDP, my concern is source media server is doing dedup. but I am replicating on pool (LUN) & want to restore from target media server. I beleive this target media server will not have any information that what has been dedup. by source media server...


How restore will work.