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MSDP backup during Upgradation

Hi All,


I am planning to upgrade my environment from 7.6 to 8.0. I know that there will be database conversion of catalog database as well as MSDP dedup pool. I will take the backup of the catalog on tape before conversion.


I am not sure as how i can take the backup of Dedup pool database. After upgradation, I need to rebuild my dedup pool with latest conversion of database. Please guide me the steps that if this fails then how i can roll back to previous one and how i can take the backup of this db


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Re: MSDP backup during Upgradation

Please forgive the way I write this... but the nature and structure of your questions appears to imply that you possibly have not yet had time to read the release notes, and read the tech for the release, and read the install/upgrade guide.

What I mean is, all of your questions should be answered in those three pieces of documentation.  And apologies but I don't have time right now to help you re-ask the questions.  I mean, I think I understand what you are trying to ask, but I'm just as likely to be mis-understanding your questions, because... to be frank... the questions themselves aren't quite right, and so it's doubly difficult for me to give you a straight answer.

Have a read of those three pieces of documentation, write out your brief plan of steps, and then come back to us here with any newer and deeper questions that you may have after reading those three pieces of documentation.

Re: MSDP backup during Upgradation

Dear Sdo,

I think that my question has been misunderstood here, I am concerned about backout plan in case my upgradation fails. I want to keep the backup of MSDP so that in case of DR I can recover the database of pervious version.

Forgive me if I am wrong. I have studied the details of conversion of MSDP database while upgrading to newer version. But I need to prepare a roolback plan also. I need help in that.

Re: MSDP backup during Upgradation

You're right, I did mis-understand - sorry about that.

I think we're going to need someone who understands MSDP quite a bit better than I do to answer this question.

Re: MSDP backup during Upgradation

I believe MSDP Catalog daily shadow copies and a MSDP Catalog backup policy were introduced in NBU 7.6.1 so aren't available if upgrading from 7.6. However on the plus side the most significant MSDP Catalog change was the conversion when upgrading to 7.6 - so this will already have been done... BR Andrew