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MSDP deduplication pool disk


we are using a NBU server with a deduplication pool located on D:\

can we create an ISO folder D:\ISO and dump all big files there that are infrequently accessed ? 

Also, is it supported by Veritas ?

thanks !

2 Replies

Re: MSDP deduplication pool disk

No.. Please Dont do that ... ultimately, you would be loosing usable space on Dedup Pool.

Any such fragmentation can cause serious performance issues to Dedup Engine.


Re: MSDP deduplication pool disk

Theoritically , this should not cause issues

The Actual Work goes on inside the subfolders.

I dont think there will be any performance issues.

Assuming you know that you will be taking up space that would have been used for backups.

I assume you have a large space and you are thinking to utilise it and save some space on the C Drive Smiley Happy