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MSDP disk usage larger than catalog?

Level 2

Hello there!

In the last few months our MSDP (thin provisioned) was at 80% of used space, so the logical steps was:

1 - Expire old backup images;

2 - Run image cleanup;

3 - Run compact on MSDP.


But here's the tricky part, our storage usage doesn't seems to go down


  • Compactation has been running for about 1 week now, and this seems a ridiculous long time for me, can't see any space reclaimed on 3par and the compact command there wouldn't show any space free for release. Now I have a ever growing MSDP disk with a stuck compactation that's not doing anything (I guess?)

    Here's some info about it.

    --dsstat returns me this:


  • OpsCenter tells me that we're using about 11tb and crcontrol shows me 20tb (windows shows 20tb too)
  • Can't run TRIM commands on this disk (system wouldn't allow it)
  • We're still running this Media Server on Windows Server 2012 R2.

And you may ask me "69% usage isn't that much" and you're right. But take a look at our 3par.


The NL disk is almost full and, as you may guess, 30tb are for NetBackup and 15tb for VMware servers.

What can I possibly do from here? I'm really stuck and would appreciate ANY type of help from VOX :)


Level 3


I would recommend contacting the support. We had the same issue with some stuck chunklets inside the MSDP. They have a script to identify them and run a cleanup.