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MYSQL backups

Master & Media - NBU 5240 Appluiance 3.1.2

Client - Windows 2019 standard, NBU 8.1.2, MYSQL 5.7.29

I am trying to configure MYSQL backups using MYSQL agent. Just curious to know if there is any script (like Linux) which we can use to schedule backups from Netbackup?

If no, then how can we schedule backups automatically?


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Re: MYSQL backups


Yes, you can. This is explained in NBU for MySQL manual, which contains a link to this article:

Re: MYSQL backups

Put below into a bat file and call it from the policy.

set CMD_LINE="C:\Program Files\Veritas\NBMySQLAgent\nbmysql" -o backup
echo %CMD_LINE%


if errorlevel 1 goto errormsg
echo BRBACKUP successful
if "%STATUS_FILE%" == "" goto end
if exist "%STATUS_FILE%" echo 0 > "%STATUS_FILE%"
goto end

echo Execution of BRBACKUP command failed - exiting
if "%STATUS_FILE%" == "" goto end
if exist "%STATUS_FILE%" echo 1 > "%STATUS_FILE%"


Re: MYSQL backups

this script is only for LINUX, not for windows.

Re: MYSQL backups

do I have to change any parameter in this script ?

Re: MYSQL backups


Did you see these lines in the TN? 

Please note that this script is provided as is and is a sample script only. The script is not supported by Veritas technical support.
It is the responsibility of the customer to modify the script to take into account specific requirements and variables in his/her environment.

@bhdrkzltn posted a Windows script.
Work with your MySQL dba to modify the script (like you would do with a MS-SQL or Oracle script-based backup). 

Re: MYSQL backups

@NBU35 it is a Windows "batch" script.