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Manual NetBackup client package installation from master server with specified master hostname

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I'm trying to install a package on a NetBackup client from the only master server. Package is available in the nbrepo on both master and media server. Installing the package though the NetBackup Administration Console though the policies tab is working. I need to install the package from the command line to automate this type of activity. Just to mention that the NetBackup client have successful backup and restore jobs, so there is no issue with ports and connectivity between master and client on ports 1556 and 13724.


The masterserver in the log file errors differs from the one specified in the command, which causes the connection to fail as far as I understand. Would you please help me understand the log file errors?
Any directions or suggestions are appreciated. Thank You!


Netbackup versions:
mymasterserver = 8.2
mymediaserver = 8.2
mynetbackupclient = 8.1.2

Package is for linux NetBackup Client version 8.1.2 
mynetbackupclient linux is RHEL 6.10 (Santiago)
IP address of the master server =
IP address of the NetBackup client =
nbinstallcmd log path = /../netbackup/logs/nbinstallcmd/mynbinstall.log

Master server (mymasterserver) bp.conf begins with:
SERVER = mymasterserver
SERVER = badmasterservername.fqdn
SERVER = mymasterserver.fqdn

Changing the order of the servers in bp.conf or in the Netbackup console menu [Netbackup Mnagement -> Host Properties -> Master Servers -> right click on Master Server (mymasterserver) -> Properties -> Servers] is NOT an option nor commenting SERVER = badmasterservername.fqdn from bp.conf.

*all sensitive data is replaced with example hostnames and IP addresses


Executed Command
nbinstallcmd -operation_type install -package mypackagename.sja -media_server mymediaserver.fqdn -host_filelist mynetbackupclient.fqdn -master_server mymasterserver.fqdn

*all operation_type options (precheck stage install) exit the command without error and give the same output in the log file.

Listening for outgoing packets on mymasterserver with "tcpdump port '(1556 or 13724 or 10102 or 10082)' and host" by host filtering = mynetbackupclient ip address doesn't show any packets. My assumption is that nbinstallcmd fails before master server try to connect to the netbakcup client. Based on that I isolated the problem to be local on the master server. 


Log content of mynbinstall.log generated after execution of the Command above 
15:10:58.898 [13703] <2> logparams: -operation_type install -package nbeeb.client_4071637.1_8.1.2_redhat_x64.sja -media_server mymediaserver.fqdn -host_filelist mynetbackupclient.fqdn -master_server mymasterserver.fqdn
15:10:58.927 [13703] <8> vnet_cached_getaddrinfo_and_update: [vnet_addrinfo.c:1851] in failed file cache ERR=-2 NAME=badmasterservername.fqdn SVC=NULL
15:10:58.927 [13703] <8> vnet_cached_getaddrinfo: [vnet_addrinfo.c:1520] vnet_cached_getaddrinfo_and_update() failed, name=badmasterservername.fqdn, service=NULL, status=6
15:10:58.927 [13703] <8> vnet_same_host_and_update: [vnet_addrinfo.c:3303] vnet_cached_getaddrinfo() failed STAT=6 RV=-2 NAME2=badmasterservername.fqdn
15:10:58.960 [13703] <2> logconnections: BPRD CONNECT FROM TO fd = 4


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I think that reverse lookup of master server IP address returns incorrect master server name on the media server or client. So test/fix this, you can also reset NBU cache via bpclntcmd.