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Manually Uninstalling the Client

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Does anyone know how to manually remove the 7.0 client from server 2003. I installed the 7.0 client without a problem (so it said). I went to install the patch for 7.0.1 and it froze in the middle of the install. It hung at stopping services. After letting it sit for about 30 mins I killed the task. Now when i try to uninstall the software it says "another installation is in progress". I followed some steps on unregistering the windows msi and that didnt help. I have tried the repair and modify options and they both freeze at stopping services. I am unable to reboot for several days because of this being a remote server and a domain controller.

Level 6
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Check your Event Viewer for MSI/installer warning messages which may provide some additional context.

Is the NetBackup "stuff" still in the list of Services on the machine, or was it removed?

Level 6
It looks like all the services except for Netbackup legacy Client and network service are missing. The event logs show an msi error but it doesnt provide much information. Event ID 1015 Failed to connect to server. Error: 0x800401F0 I really think a reboot is going to be the only way to solve the problem.

Level 6

Look in the task manager for any MSI that is running under the name of the user you did the install.

I had this happend a couple of times, you have to kill the install processes that are still running.

Verify with a windows admin before you kill anything.