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Hello Everyone,

I have very sad news that Marianne passed away over the weekend.

Many of you will know her as she was the main contributor to this forum over many years.

Kindest regards,




Level 4
Very sad to hear...RIP Marianne.

Level 6
Though I have moved from backup technology but when I heard the news it took me a while to accept. According to me any good netbackup engineer cannot be unknown about her and her contribution to the community. She will be missed as a gem in netbackup world.

May she rest in peace.


Level 3

Very sadden to hear this news. I can vividly remember reading Marianne advises on workarounds to resolve issues at NBU 7.6.x when I first started doing NetBackup. 

She will be dearly missed by the community. RIP Marianne.


Level 1

She was a silent mentor for readers. I have learnt a lot by reading her posts. My almost Netbackup career is based on her solutions and posts. 

Huge loss! you will be missed! Rest in peace /\ 

Level 1
It's big loss....RIP:folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands:

Level 6
bad news .....
her posts was and will be helpful in future for all nbu admins
Thank you grannie for sharing knowledge with us:folded_hands:
Thank you very much.

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I am shocked to hear this. I met Marianne at the Veritas event in Madrid, which was the last live event before this pandemic. She was thrilled to finally meet me, and I was thrilled to meet her in person. Although I am not in backup, as a fellow VIP I know she was highly appreciated by everyone in the NBU forum. She will be missed. May you rest in peace.

Regards. Gertjan

Her posts on this forum have helped us resolve many issues in our backup environment.  We will truly miss her. May her soul rest in eternal peace. 

Level 6
Dear Marianne .. very sad news.. She helped me solving a lot of problems Since I joined the Vox..
May her soul rests in peace.. her kudo was always Making me happy and proud. RIP Marianne.

Level 4

Oh so sad to hear this news, may her soul rest in peace and a very big thankyou to her for all her contributions over numerous years to this community and making our lives easier during backup troubleshooting. Indeed she was the most knowledgeable person we have had in this forum. Sad............:((((((((((

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I just came across this sad news of Marianne passing. Oh my God,  no word to describe this loss. May her gentle soul rest in peace. This is so sad..