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Master/Media Server from 8.2 to 773

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Hi everybody

I need to downgrade the Netbackup 8.2 to old version 7.7.3.

How can I perform this operation on Suse Linux 12?

Do I have to uninstall the 8.2 version and install again 7.7.3?

Is there any issue with catalog or database versions?


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Do you have 773 NBU catalog backup? I would uninstall 82, clean out directores... and install 773 and finally recover NBU catalog (from the same version - as you cant restore NBU catalog taken on 82 onto 773)

Side question - why you have to downgrade? 773 is EOL ...

So, are these steps?

1) I have to remove the 8.2 installation and install a fresh 7.7.3;

2) Recover from a Catalog Image before my upgrade to 8.2 (my last 773 catalog backup) and recover my catalog ;

3) All the images since my update to 8.2 are lost?


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Yes this is how it looks like - my take...

You can always import the backups made by 8.2 - but not sure if all will work for 100% as I did never import backup images made in higher versions onto lower version 

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Just a thought…. If you have MSDP on Linux or windows OS in your environment which upgraded to 8.2 may have serious issues if tried to downgrade.

If you have appliance in environment then those will become useless, as I don’t see any downgrade path for appliance.

BTW… do you want to tell us a clear reason why you are looking to downgrade? You never know community members knows a quick solution for the problem you facing.

Whatever you do… May the Power Be with You.

I was bad guided for a local Veritas reseller that told me I had license to Netbackup 8.2. After I downloaded the version on our Veritas Portal and install it, some issues start to happen and some fix had to be applied, but this fixes were unavailable for download. So I email directly to our Veritas contact that told me we don´t have 8.2 license. Simple like that...

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something is not right.

The download page is not letting you to download software if you do not have the rights to do it. if you download 8.2 then you have the licenses to do it
The better way to find out if you have the licenses to install 8.x or not is to login to the veritas support yourselves and check the licenses.

Logon to support first and then go to

If you see that netbackup 8.2 is mentioned, use the same login to download the patches. else open a case to veritas support

Hi @andrich2016 

I agree with @StefanosM if the portal allowed you to download NetBackup 8.2, then you should be entitled to it. Again as suggested your best bet would be to log a customer care support case to resolve the issue one way or another (you should dig out your customer ID, support ID or entitlement ID to help - but the company name should suffice). 

Also being able to install NetBackupo 8.2 implies you have obtained/downloaded a customer registration key which again would not be possible if you were not entitled.