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Master Server Migration

Hi all,
I am trying to migrate Netbackup Master Server 9.1 to another platform using Netbackup Catalog Recovery
I assign a name and IP address to the new server, the same as on the old server
On the target server, Netbackup Catalog Recovery fails with the following error: ERR - Failed to recover NBDB on Server_Name (5)
How to Migrate the Netbackup Server 9.1. to another server?
Which remedy is better to use?
Previously, і used Netbackup Catalog Recovery to migrate the Netbackup 8 Master Server to another platform. Everything was OK
OS - Windows 2019

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Re: Master Server Migration

the old netbackup name was configured as FQDN or netbios?
The same question for the new netbackup

the netbackup names must be exactly the same


Re: Master Server Migration

NEw server name and OLd Server name - Fully Qualified Domain Name

Re: Master Server Migration

Hi @AndriiPushkarov 

The Veritas troubleshooting guide as a hole section about catalog recovery :

Cross platform recovery is not supported. e.g Windows to Linux. From your post above I guess its a Windows to Windows migration but could you please confirm ?

Re: Master Server Migration

Yes, Windows to Windows migration...

Re: Master Server Migration

My colleagues helped in finding a solution. At step 1, you need to perform a recovery disaster. Should apply image_name_FULL.drpkg created by the procedure bakup catalog The disaster recovery package contains the following information:

 ■ NetBackup CA-signed certificates and private keys of the master server certificate and the NetBackup certificate authority (CA) certificate

■ Information about the hosts in the domain

■ Security settings

■ External CA-signed certificates External CA-signed certificates from Windows certificate store, if applicable

■ NetBackup configuration options that are specific to external CA-signed certificates

■ Key management service (KMS) configuration

 At step 2, you should complete the procedure for restoring the bakup catalog. Should apply image_name_FULL.

Re: Master Server Migration

good info, thanks

Are you sure about KMS database? KMS is not part of netbackup catalog by default.
Had you add the KMS_CONFIG_IN_CATALOG_BKUP  value at the original netbackup server configuration?

Re: Master Server Migration

Thanks for the hint.
I will take into account when transferring a productive master server.
Also, you need to take into account the peculiarities of running NetBackup anomaly detection management service: