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Master Server Migration

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Hi all,
I am trying to migrate Netbackup Master Server 9.1 to another platform using Netbackup Catalog Recovery
I assign a name and IP address to the new server, the same as on the old server
On the target server, Netbackup Catalog Recovery fails with the following error: ERR - Failed to recover NBDB on Server_Name (5)
How to Migrate the Netbackup Server 9.1. to another server?
Which remedy is better to use?
Previously, і used Netbackup Catalog Recovery to migrate the Netbackup 8 Master Server to another platform. Everything was OK
OS - Windows 2019


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the old netbackup name was configured as FQDN or netbios?
The same question for the new netbackup

the netbackup names must be exactly the same


NEw server name and OLd Server name - Fully Qualified Domain Name

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Hi @AndriiPushkarov 

The Veritas troubleshooting guide as a hole section about catalog recovery :

Cross platform recovery is not supported. e.g Windows to Linux. From your post above I guess its a Windows to Windows migration but could you please confirm ?

Yes, Windows to Windows migration...

My colleagues helped in finding a solution. At step 1, you need to perform a recovery disaster. Should apply image_name_FULL.drpkg created by the procedure bakup catalog The disaster recovery package contains the following information:

 ■ NetBackup CA-signed certificates and private keys of the master server certificate and the NetBackup certificate authority (CA) certificate

■ Information about the hosts in the domain

■ Security settings

■ External CA-signed certificates External CA-signed certificates from Windows certificate store, if applicable

■ NetBackup configuration options that are specific to external CA-signed certificates

■ Key management service (KMS) configuration

 At step 2, you should complete the procedure for restoring the bakup catalog. Should apply image_name_FULL.

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good info, thanks

Are you sure about KMS database? KMS is not part of netbackup catalog by default.
Had you add the KMS_CONFIG_IN_CATALOG_BKUP  value at the original netbackup server configuration?

Thanks for the hint.
I will take into account when transferring a productive master server.
Also, you need to take into account the peculiarities of running NetBackup anomaly detection management service: