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Master server installation - windows

Level 3

hoping someone can help me here, trying to get a default install of v8.2, local install - Master Server.  I havae read hte install guide and watched a couple videos.  Install runs with no errors (I checked the install logs). but once complete and I open the Admin Console, all that comes up is the Backup Archive & Restore interface.  No configurartion modeules, etc.  I have tried using Silent install, GUI install, nothing seems to work - all comes back to this same result after installation.  I'm sure i am missing something here, I don't have experience with NBU - hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  Thank you!!


Level 3

This is what I get as soon as I open the Admin Console:


All you probable need to do is to run the Java GUI as administrator. So right click on the program, hightlight more and open the file location. Then right click on the link and select "Run as administrator" (I often find it usefult o create a shortcut on my desktop for the Java GUI. 

Alternately, install the Java console on a different machine (your Windows 10 desktop for instance) and run the GUI from there (no unusual steps are needed for a remote GUI). 

The issue when running the GUI on the master server itself is to do with Windows permissions of various log files etc. that are created (as a side note, this problem doesn't occur for every installation and will depend on the security environment configured). 

I hope this helps.

I will give that a try and let you know - thank you for the quick response.

So Run as Administrator did not work from the Master server.  Installing Console on another machine, will see if that works.

One other question, my two test servers are not part of AD - just a Workgroup.  Would that cause this issue?  I didn't see anywhere in the docs where it was mandatory to be part of AD...?

No - being part of AD is not a requirement - the requirements are checked during the installation pre-checks, so if this all passed then you should be good to go).

Another thing to check - what user are you using to log into the GUI - if you are using your own account (rather than the local administrator) you may not be able to get the full UI up. For this you may need to set up the auth.conf to give yourself permission to get the full GUI. There is a template file provided in <INSTALL_PATH>\Veritas\Netbackup\Java.

If this doesn't address the issue, then continue on... 

One thing I didn't ask is do all the services startup? Can you share the output of bpps, and the output when you run bpup (after first shutting down NetBackup with bpdown).

The other reason that the GUI just shows the BAR interface (rather than the full server interface) is that something went wrong with the installation/startup. The above two outputs may help to identify what's missing. 

Level 6

You may want to check the file auth.conf, it is generally the main cause of this, after the execution of the GUI as administrator..

So you both mentuion the Auth.Conf file... which there was not one.  So I created one with the following entry:

NBU01\Administrator ADMIN=ALL

That did not work.  Still just getting BAR in the console.  All NBU services set to start Automatically are running, except as shown in this screen shot:


David, you mention bpps and bpup and their output... I don't know what those are...?

Two services that are not running may be the issue (though I'm not 100% sure as this is a fresh install and so they may not be required yet - as you would not have created polcies etc). 

The first is the NetBackup Policy Execution Manager (nbpem), the other is NetBackup Message Broker Service.

You could look in the log files for each to see if it indicates a problem (<InstallPath>\Veritas\NetBackup\logs\nbpem & <InstallPath>\Veritas\NetBackup\mqbroker\logs).

The commands bpps & bpup (& bpdown) all live in the <InstallPath>\Veritas\NetBackup\bin directory. 


Also the auth.conf file is not complete. You will need the lo=ine to look something like this:

NBU01\Administrator ADMIN=ALL JBP=ALL

Refer to the following for more detail

Table 1 Java Authorisation Admin Keywords

ADMIN Keyword



Indicates that the user has administrative privileges for all of the applications that are listed in this table.


Activity Monitor


Bare Metal Restore


Backup Policy Management


Backup, Archive, and Restore




Device Monitor


Host Properties


Media Management




Storage Unit Management


Vault Management

Table 2 Java Authorisation JBP Keywords

JBP Keyword



Allows the users to perform all actions, including server-directed restores. (Restores to a client that is different from the client that is logged into.) Server-directed restores can only be performed from a NetBackup master server.


Allows the users to perform restore tasks from true image or regular backups plus redirected restores.


Allows the users to perform backup tasks.


Allows the users to perform archive tasks. The capability to perform backups (BU) is required to allow archive tasks.


Allows the users to perform raw partition restores.

David, both services you mention will start successfully, but they both stop immediately also, so I am thinking they are not needed yet...

I added the JBP=ALL entry to the conf file and still no luck.

I will try the commands you suggested and provide output.

BTW - thank you for all your help so far.  Can't believe this is so tough to get a clean default install working...  Much appreciated!

David, output from the commands:


And not sure what I am looking at or for, but I do see some errors inthe mqbroker log:


and the nbpem log I really don't know what I am looking at - tough to read.  I won't try to insert a screenshot becuase the log is large and wide and not in a very readable format... but if there is somethin I can search for, I will.


So maybe you're right about these servicesnotbeing started?  The do start successfully, but both stop pretty much right away after being started...

How about you attach the installation logs (C:\ProgramData\Veritas\NetBackup\InstallLogs) - attach the logs from the latest installation attempt please collect the 15 or so logs from the installation session. Also - can you attach the install summary for the latest intallation (C:\ProgramData\Veritas\NetBackup\InstallSummary)

Also can you attach the files from the mqbroker and nbpem logs as well. 

I'll have a look when I have time.

The other suggestion is to log a support case. 

Level 4

When you're at the credentials screen to log in to the console. Do you tick the checkbox that says "Use AD Credentials" or do you type your username and password in manually?


If you use the checkbox and you aren't in the correct AD group, you won't haver permissions to see anything but the BAR section of the admin console.

David, and everyone else who has helped me here, I've given up on getting this server to work.  I built a new server on-prem (this one was in AWS EC2) and have since been able to get a working install going as of yesterday.

So, I'm scratching this one, even though it bothers me I could not find root cause or resolution.

I want to sincerely thank all of you, very much for reaching out and be willing to try to help me out.  Very much appreciated!!

Thank you, Nate