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Master server rename from CAPS letter to LOEWER letters

Level 5


Can we change the name of master server from CAPS letter to small letter? Actually during configureation name was given in CAPS letter.

IS CATALOG manipulation is requitred in this?


Level 6

Hi @Dav1234 

What is the problem you are trying to solve? Is it simply that the master server name stands out and doesn't strictly match the server hostname?

The master name is embedded deeply in NetBackup , in the DB, the certificates and other places. Changing is not simple and would not be something I would do without the appropriate tools/support (such as CatMan). 

Has the master been used for sufficient time to preclude rebuilding the server (with the pain of certificate redepployment etc.)?


Hello David,

Master server is a Linux box and to configure alert of master server through NAGIOS application we have to change its from upper case to lower case as NAGIOS application wont take name of servers in upper case.

If connectivity of all media servers and clients is ok with lower case name then can we change the name from upper case to lower case and make changes in master bp.conf file and renew certificates? will that work?

can we create a alias that points out to lower case name ? will it reflect lower case name in netbackup database?

Hi @Dav1234 

It's not that simple to change the name in NetBackup (and regenerating certificates is also not simple). 

Can you modify the configuration of the Nagios agent on the master to make it report the name how you want (I thought it had that capability, but I could be confused with other monitoring products).