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Max Jobs - which limit is being Reached and Breached

Level 5

Multiple datastreams are enabled


Limit Jobs Per policy is set to 3

3 local drives are being backup up

so one parent job and three child jobs


However only one of the child jobs runs at once.  When one of the other jobs for another drive tries to begin, It gives the error Limit has been reached for BackupServer.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.servertobebackedup.


Is this limit a limit fo the backup server - or the server being backed up? My guess is this is a limit on this client - which has 3 different policies.


However this policy with 3 "children" seems to count the parent job as one, and one of the child jobs as one?

So anything this is listed in the activity monitor as "Active" counts towards the Client Max Jobs - which is set globally to 2 ? how is that ever enough when using multiple data streams?


I have some bpstart/end scritps that rely on logic that only works when more than one job is running at once.


Any help would be greatly appreciated !


Level 6

If it's tape storage unit, you need to check how many concurrent tape drives you allow it to use. A value of 1 will only allow one drive to run, even though your max. job per client is higher.

Level 6

on your master server?

Via GUI:
NetBackup Management / Host Properties / Master Servers / master / Properties / Global Attributes tab

Level 6

via GUI

Host Properties

  Master servers

     choose your master

        get properties

            on left find Client Attributes

See if Maximum data streams is set to 1 ( this setting applies just to each client in this list)  un-check the back and it allows up to the number in the Global Attributes.

Level 6

to look for these restrictions! wink

Level 6

And then trying to figure out just which one it is hitting

and I don't think there is an order just which one is the lowest

Client attributes


Storage unit


Level 5

good grief OK I'll report this:


Job retry delay 10 minutes


Schedule Backup attempts 2 tries per 12 hours

Policy Update interval 10 minutes (what is this one for - if you change a policy?)

maximum jobs per client 2

maximum backup copies 2 (What is this one for?)


In the Client attributes tab I have 10 servers, BUT the server I am most worried about is not listed there? does that mean it just takes the global defaults? Should I put it in there?


We have 2 tape drives connected to a robot that holds 36 tapes - a quantum PX502


OK some meatball had changed the global maximim jobs per client to 1, and now Ive changed it back. 

Although something very depressing has occurred - My backup job that backs up F:\ G:\ H:\ tries to find files on these drives before bpnotify has finished mapping them - I heard somewhere - which I cannot now find about a "trick" that people used for this type of situation ? Also when this happens, I am sure that bpend_notify runs before the job tries again - am I right ? like

Parent job start - does this run bpstart_notify...dont think so?

cant find files as bpstart_notify not run yet

child for H:\ start

bpstart_notify maps drives (F:\, G;\ and H;\)

script finsihes bnut drives take up to 2 minutes to map as they are presented as local drives connected to a SAN

child cant find files, runs Bpend_notify BEfORE retrying? - or am I mistaken?

Child for G:\ starts, (logic in scripts doesnt map drives twice) child can find files

Child for F:\ starts but has hit maxjobs.


Sorry these must seem like the ravings of a lunatic.....


Level 6

Only slightly! ;)

From the "Help" on the window that has those same settings:

"The Policy update interval property specifies the number of minutes to wait after changing a policy before that policy is processed. The interval allows the NetBackup administrator time to make multiple changes to the policy. Default: 10 minutes. Maximum: 1440 minutes; minimum: 1 minute."

"The Maximum backup copies property specifies the total number of backup copies that may exist in the NetBackup catalog (2 through 10). NetBackup creates one of the following, whichever is smaller:

the number of copies that are specified under Multiple copies, or

the number of copies that are specified as the Maximum backup copies property.

Note: When configuring multiple copies for a relocation schedule, created as part of a disk staging storage unit the Maximum backup copies property must be set to include an additional copy beyond the number of copies to be created in the Multiple Copies dialog. For example, to create four copies in the Multiple Copies dialog, the Maximum Backup Copies property must be set to five or more."
"In the Client attributes tab I have 10 servers, BUT the server I am most worried about is not listed there? does that mean it just takes the global defaults? Should I put it in there?" - possibly, depends on if you want it "different" - we just use the "global", set to 99 & limited elsewhere!
bpstart/bpend notify scripts when multi-streaming is utilised: see my comment from a post the other day & the URL it quotes

Level 5


see this picture.