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Maximum data that can backed up for windows VM via VCB backup

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Hi Team

Is there any limitation for VCB backup related to amount of data to be backed up, I have a VM with more than 300GB of data , is it possible that I can backup the VM using VCB policy?

Thanks in advance


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Firstly, we don't use VCB backups anymore. We use vStorage backups to read data directly off the datastore.

You did not mention if this VM's data is RDM or vmdk? For RDM - see URL mentioned by Yogesh.
NBU can also not backup VM disks that are configured as Independent Disk.

Read through the following documents for best practices backing up VM's, balancing backup loads with the Virtual Machine Intelligent Policy technology and correctly size the Backup Host for best performance:

NetBackup for VMware: notes and restrictions :

NetBackup for VMware Terminology:


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Hi Marianne

Thanks for correcting me , its a VStorage backup not the VCB , VM's data is VMDK

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I don't think any of this can be seen in NBU.

The only way I've been able to see this is in VMware vSphere Client. Ask your VMware admins for assistance.

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Well, firstly you didn't say what version of NetBackup you were running.  (Don't feel bad; nobody's been doing that lately.  ;)  )

There was a TechAlert put out against 7.0.1/7.1, but from your questions I'm not sure it actually applies to you or not.  Still, give it a look:

Under NetBackup 7.0.1 and 7.1, VMware Virtual Machines cannot be restored if any of the virtual disks (VMDKs) are larger than one Terabyte.

This Alert said there was a problem backing up VMDKs greater than 1T (which has since been addressed in and above).  1T is much larger than 300G of course...

What I mean to say is so long as you have a large enough space to hold the image, I don't believe there should be an issue taking the backup.

DISCLAIMER: I don't actually know what I'm talking about but I do read the documentation and KB.  :)