Media ID and Barcode mis-match.

I have just connected a 2nd smaller library to Netbackup 6.5 system.  I see the robot and the drive, but when I insert new tapes the Media ID and Barcode are not the same.  What I see for the Media ID is something like "00123L3" and the barcode reads correct as "AA00123L3".  I have double checked the setting on the library and there are not any.

My concern is that my larger library sees the media ID and barcode as the same(ie- AA00123 & AA00123) and should I need to restore tapes made from the smaller library using the larger library the NB database will kick them back as not a complete match.

Thanks for any advise
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Accepted Solution!

Bar code generation rule


correct the barcode generation rule under the advanced tab of robot inventory,

example: 8 1:2:3:4:5:6

then delete all the volumes from the robot and reinvent them.

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There is a pattern

Are the all the labels made from the same company  ?
here we use the same label and we have 4 libraries.. 

a SUN L180 and a DELL DL4000 for example, I can change tapes between booth of them and netbackup can read w/ no problem.

maybe is something about the robots.

I´ll try to find something about config here and I´ll post here tomonrrow.

here is 9:00 PM

see ya
Accepted Solution!

Bar code generation rule


correct the barcode generation rule under the advanced tab of robot inventory,

example: 8 1:2:3:4:5:6

then delete all the volumes from the robot and reinvent them.

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What is happening here is

What is happening here is that the barcode reader of your new library can read all 8 characters of the label. NetBackup stores the last 6 characters by default.
You want the 1st 6 - follow the process described by Srikanth - it tells NBU that the label has 8 chars and that you want to use the 1st 6.

You could even

check your new library - you can restrict it at source as to what/how many characters the barcode reader actually reads. Looks like it is reading all 8 & your old library only reading 1st 6.

We had a similar issue when we last replaced our library & for consistency changed it at the library. No worries about barcode rules then & your recorded media_id & barcode should be identical.

Just a thought.

Another thought - just re-read your OP & you say there's no setting on the library for this (what library by the way)? In which case you'll probably have to go Srikanths route.

{{Note to self: Must pay more attention before posting replies Smiley Wink }}


Thanks Srikanth...You were

Thanks Srikanth...You were right on the money!!! Smiley Happy

Now is there a way to tell the software to do the same for the barcode?  I now see AA1234 for the "Media ID" but the "Barcode" still has AA1234L3.  In order to correctly match my main library I will need to drop the "L3".

That'll more than likely be your library.

There will/should be a setting on your library that determines how many characters it reads in a barcode.

Change media ID


Give this a try. I had a similar issue recently.

The command is in your "volmgr\bin" directory

vmchange -m <what you want the media id to be> -barcode <The id your robot is saying the tape is>

If the tape is already cataloged in your library, delete it. run the above command, and then put it back in. Netbackup will see the barcode and change the media id based on what you told it that it should be.

for example:  vmchange -m AA00123L3 -barcode AA00123L3

^ That should set the media id to the barcode exactly if you wanted it like that. In most cases it is used to change them so they are not alike... I hope this at least gets you closer to your goal.


Just need to mode barcode now

I have solved the "Media ID" with the suggestion from Srikanth and all looks good.  Now I just need to drop the "L3" from the end of the VSN in the barcode field.

I don't see any setting in the library configuration.  This not an enterprise class library.  It is a SUN C2 or actually a re-branded Quantum.

Had a quick look on the web

& can find no Technical Manual for the Sun C2 to try & help you here. (Maybe worth calling SUN or your reseller for guidance?)

If there is absolutely no way to change the number of characters that the barcode reader of the SUN C2 library actually reads then I can see no way round this.

Possible options:

1) Change your existing library to read all 8 characters (i.e. including the L3 suffix); or
2) Get labels without the L3 suffix.

I do think tho' that both routes may well impact on what tapes Netbackup thinks it has, so neither of these options may be something that you would want to consider. It could or would probably treat them as separate tapes & complain that they have the same media id!

If anyone else has any opinions I'm sure they would be gratefully accepted!

C2 Barcode Reader


is all I see on our C2, AKA Quantum SuperLoader

That is no problem since the Media ID is what Netbackup cares about during a restore. 
I tested this out in our lab & works fine; i.e. Media ID A01234, Barcode A01234L3
As long as the Media ID matches the (internal) label written on the tape you are good to go.

I know this is a little late

& may not be relevant to the OP, but I'll ask it anyway Smiley Wink

How would this cope with existing media e.g. orginally in older library where MediaID=A01234 & Barcode reported as A01234, then put into new library where barcode is only reported as A01234L3 - wouldn't it now treat this as new media because of its 'new' barcode?


Barcode Rules

you can create any map between Media-ID and Media-Barcode by create Barcode Rule.
you can create Barcode Rules by follow this steps
  • Master Robot Inventory then click Advance option.
  • click Barcode Rule tab.
  • create a Barcode rule to map barcode with media ID.


Re: Barcode Rules

I find the problem slight the same problem.  

The media id CP0003 , barcode L3CP0003 on robot inventory and media id console.  I check the media id length 8 1:2:3:4:5:6 . But the slot number is correct, using robtest and tape library console. 



Re: Barcode Rules


Your problem is not really the same.

Your problem, as described over here:

is that your library config at some stage was changed to display barcode as 
instead of 

As per the posts referenced above, you need to change the library config.