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Media Server Upgrade NBU 6.0 MP6

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I am looking for any doc Symantec may have for a media server replacement.

MS2k3 SP2
NBU 6.0 MP6

I am happy to RTFM, if I just knew its location........


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You mention in the title Upgrade and then in the body text media server replacement - which is it ?

Upgrading NetBackup software from NetBackup 6.0 to 6.5 then look no further:
Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.5 Upgrade Portal
Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0 Upgrade Portal
Everything you need should be in there.
If its media server replacement then you need to consult the Hardware Compatibility List matrix to see you conform with requirements:
All compatibility found here :-
Or expand on your original question and we can maybe be more specific.
Hope this gets you started.

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Ahh yeah, my bad. It is not an NBU upgrade, rather hardware. A media server replacement.

I will have a look at the links for what I am needing. I have the compat lists, I was looking for a doc on how to dump in a new media, remove an old, and continue running backups after with the new and old media server have different names..

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Here is a doc with the step by step procedure to decommission a media server.

Hope it helps


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Thanks guys..

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Is there a documented procedure for replacing an existing media server with a new piece of hardware (same version, same hostname, etc.)?  Is it as simple as building the new box with identical hostname and IP info and reinstalling same version of NBU (and reconfiguring devices in the OS and then NBU)?  I wouldn't think you'd need to decommision the old server (just remove it from the network) as the new server would be taking it's place.  As of version 6.0 there is nothing stored on the media server (databases, etc.) that would need to be restored, correct?