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Media appears down but reachable via iLo

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I have a major problem, here are the situation, a media was down because of motherboard card, this has been changed, after that we had ethernet card was down, it has been changed, we had also a smart card array was changed but the media still down when we check it with nbdevquery command.

When I connect to iLo, all parameters appears ok and the media is reachable both via ssh and iLo remote console.

I tried to put it UP with command nbdevconfig and with a reboot but the media still down.

Do you have any suggestion to resolve the situation ?

OS media: Linux

Netbackup version: 8.1.2

OS master: Linux

Netbackup version: 8.1.2


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Please tell us more about the 'media'? 

What type of 'media'?
Disk array connected to a media server configured as MSDP?
Or third-party OST appliance?