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Media are not getting expired automatically in netbackup 7

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Hi ,

We are facing the below issue :

media are not getting expired automatically in netbackup 7 due to which backups will fail with 96 (unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available) .

Retention of media -2 weeks and 1 month

Media used - LTO4

We have also tried changing the media expiration timings ( put it to earlier time) eg : media is about to expire on 3rd August 2011 5:00 AM , we made it to expire at 3rd August 2011 2:45 AM ,but it did not help much.Media did not expire at the specified time .

Please suggest .



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NBU will not expire media immediatly, media expiration will happen after IMAGE CLEANUP only.

NBU uses 12 hrs default time period for cleanup process.

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You did not mention your master server OS? Is this 7.0 or 7.0.1?

If Windows master on 7.0.1, have a look at this:   
The 2nd part of the problem description may apply to your situation.


Please also bear in mind that Image Cleanup only runs every 12 hours. This means that image expiration will not happen at the exact time that is listed, but will be included in the next cleanup cycle. Always best to ensure an extra set of tapes are available...

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Thanks for the suggestions .

We are using :

Netbackup version 7.0.1

OS : Linux 2.6

We are out of scratch tapes as of now and we have multiple retention levels for different tapes like weekly , monthly , yearly and infinity.But the tapes i talked about were all for same retention of 2 weeks.

Any ideas or suggestions ..

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clean-up, you could pre-empt this by running bpexpdate -deassignempty.

If not, my only immediate suggestion would be to find those media that are due to expire next & expire them early.

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can you run below command and post o/p.

/usr/openv/volmgr/bin#./vmquery -m <MediaID>

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd#./nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid <MediaID>

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Thanks Andy !!

I already tried deassignempty command but it showed no media to be deassigned .

then , i had manually expired the media which were supposed to be expired on 3rd August ,but didn't automatically expired.

Any other suggestions are welcome ......

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- did you run the deassignempty after?

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Required outputs :

vmquery :

[root@uidbkp001 admincmd]# vmquery -m UITH03
media ID:              UITH03
media type:            1/2" cartridge tape (6)
barcode:               UITH03
media description:     Added by Media Manager
volume pool:           Thursday (4)
robot type:            TLD - Tape Library DLT (8)
robot number:          0
robot slot:            29
robot control host:
volume group:          000_00000_TLD
vault name:            ---
vault sent date:       ---
vault return date:     ---
vault slot:            ---
vault session id:      ---
vault container id:    -
created:               Thu 19 May 2011 04:51:45 PM IST
assigned:              Thu 23 Jun 2011 02:00:00 PM IST
last mounted:          Thu 21 Jul 2011 08:25:05 AM IST
first mount:           Thu 19 May 2011 06:13:34 PM IST
expiration date:       ---
number of mounts:      28
max mounts allowed:    ---
status:                0x0
[root@uidbkp001 admincmd]#

nbemmcmd :

[root@uidbkp001 admincmd]# nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid UITH03
NBEMMCMD, Version:7.0.1
Media GUID:                     61402776-8266-11e0-8000-c93c6e4428fa
Media ID:                       UITH03
Partner:                        -
Media Type:                     HCART
Volume Group:                   000_00000_TLD
Application:                    Netbackup
Media Flags:                    1
Description:                    Added by Media Manager
Barcode:                        UITH03
Partner Barcode:                --------
Last Write Host:      
Created:                        05/19/2011 16:51
Time Assigned:                  06/23/2011 14:00
First Mount:                    05/19/2011 18:13
Last Mount:                     07/21/2011 08:25
Volume Expiration:              -
Data Expiration:                08/04/2011 08:24
Last Written:                   07/21/2011 08:24
Last Read:                      -
Robot Type:                     TLD
Robot Control Host:   
Robot Number:                   0
Slot:                           29
Side/Face:                      -
Cleanings Remaining:            -
Number of Mounts:               28
Maximum Mounts Allowed:         0
Media Status:                   FULL
Kilobytes:                      1746720064
Images:                         59
Valid Images:                   32
Retention Period:               1
Number of Restores:             0
Optical Header Size Bytes:      1024
Optical Sector Size Bytes:      0
Optical Partition Size Bytes:   0
Last Header Offset:             25368094
Adamm Guid:                     00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Rsm Guid:                       00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Origin Host:                    NONE
Master Host:          
Server Group:                   NO_SHARING_GROUP
Upgrade Conflicts Flag:
Pool Number:                    4
Volume Pool:                    Thursday
Previous Pool Name:             -
Vault Flags:                    -
Vault Container:                -
Vault Name:                     -
Vault Slot:                     -
Session ID:                     -
Date Vaulted:                   -
Return Date:                    -
Command completed successfully.
[root@uidbkp001 admincmd]#

Level 6

Data Expiration:                08/04/2011 08:24

Tape contained huge amount of data & will expire on 4th Aug 2011. @ 8:24 AM

so u can reuse this tape for 5th AUG 2011

Recommendation :- Don't expire this tape manually.

Level 3

Andy ,

I ran the bpexpdate -deassignempty command after manually expiring the media.


Level 3

1 ) What is the difference between the image cleanup interval (after 12 hours )and catalog cleanup wait time (after 60 minutes) as indicated :

2) What will be the start time for image cleanup interval ,if any.

Level 6

Level 6

click on that "help" button in the bottom right - it explains all the options/settings.

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I will explain my understanding in example.

If last backup session ended at 11:00 PM yesterday successfully, after that Image cleanup started. And My tape will expire at 02:45 AM next day morning then It will not expire this data untill and unless any new backup session will complete after 02:45 AM or after 12 hours of last successful image cleanup.

And i also want to know how i can check at what time last image cleanup happened?? Will it be shown in Activity monitor? I believe activity monitor shows catalog image cleanup. Please correct me if i am wrong.

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Image Cleanup should also be visible in Activity Monitor as you state.

One thing to bear in mind also, which may also add to the "confusion", you can actually amend how often the deassignempty runs:

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Hi Andy,

Even I am facing same issue. There are more than 50-60 medias in library which are not getting expired automatically after retention period is over.We have retention of 2 weeks and 5 weeks for daily and weekly backup. However i can see medias from even january which still nto expired.

If i check the imgaes on the media using bpmeida i dont find any images on it. I had to expire many media manually because of this.

I also ran deassignempty but it gives me only few medias to deassign. However there are more than 50-60 medias needs to be expired.

C:\Documents and Settings\ChakShar>bpexpdate -deassignempty
Search for empty media that meet the following criteria:
        Media id: All

Continue? y/n (n)y
The following empty media will be deassigned:
        Host:girbu17    Media-id:IDN698
        Host:bhmbu13    Media-id:000343
        Host:bhmbu13    Media-id:ITV620
        Host:bhmbu12    Media-id:0015L4
        Host:bhmbu12    Media-id:0022L4
        Host:girbu13    Media-id:ITV374
        Host:girbu12    Media-id:IDN216
        Host:girbu12    Media-id:IT1119
        Host:girbu12    Media-id:ITV224
        Host:girbu12    Media-id:ITV367
Are you SURE you want to continue y/n (n)?n
No changes made.


Any suggestion ?

Level 6

Are they frozen?

Level 5

yes Andy i checked few medias they are all "frozen expired" and "frozen expired MPX"

Level 6

reason why they were frozen - altho' it could well've been due to a tape drive issue or maybe another admin froze them for some other reason?

Once you are happy that they look to be physically ok & that it's ok to re-use them, unfreeze a couple. They should then get unassigned & released for re-use - keep an eye on them that they are not failing again. You could then do the same for those other frozen tapes.

But do check first - they must've been frozen for a reason.