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Media host override for SAP restores on Data Domain storage server


We are required to run a very large restore (~12TB) of a SAP database. The backup image is stored on a Data Doamin storage server. We would like to force the restore to use a specific media server that is not the server used for the oirignal backup.

The storage server has 6 DD Boost enabled media servers accessing it for both backups and duplications between data centers.

Each time we initiate the restore a different media server is used. We have used the "media host override" settings but these do not seem to be honored for OST storgae servers according to this artilce -

Has anyone else experinced this problem?

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 Mr Zimmerman, check the logs

 Mr Zimmerman, check the logs and paste the output here to troubleshoot the error further. 

I experienced similar issue,

I experienced similar issue, not exactly the same scenario though.

My understanding is that Symantec binaries work differently when it handles the tar based backup images (on tapes and normal disk storage units) and the backup images sitting on the OST/MSDP storage servers, especially when the read operation is involved like in restore and duplication.

As far as I know, what's written in the thread you mentioned is still valid.

So, if it were my situation I would try some workarounds like temporarily setting other media servers in offline status at the start of the restore job.

Wish you good luck.


Hi Mondip - ther are no

Hi Mondip - ther are no errors. The restore is actaully running but we would like to isolate it to a specific media server that will increase the throughput of the restore. Is there a specifc log file you would like me to post?

You can force the restore to

You can force the restore to use the same media that did the backup by setting


I can't recall a option to force a specific restore to a specific media server.

From the manual:

Create the touch file USE_BACKUP_MEDIA_SERVER_FOR_RESTORE on the NetBackup master server in the following directory: UNIX: usr/openv/netbackup/db/config
Windows: install_path\veritas\netbackup\db\config
This global setting always forces restores to the server that did the backup. It applies to all NetBackup restore jobs, not just deduplication restore jobs. If this touch file exists, NetBackup ignores the FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER and FAILOVER_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER settings.

I appreciate evryones input,

I appreciate evryones input, the feedback has been very helpful. I am really left with 2 options to manage the media server used for this SAP restore

1. Deactivate the 5 media servers I don't wnat to use for the restore leaving the only the required media server active. This option is not ideal because the restore is likely to run for longer than 24 hours and the deactivated media servers will be required for scheduled backups during that time

2. Create the touch file USE_BACKUP_MEDIA_SERVER_FOR_RESTORE. We are attempting this option but this is still not ideal becasue we would like the restore to use a media server that was not used for the backup.

Is anyone aware if Symantec intend to incorporate a GUI driven option to force a restore to use a particular media server in future releases of NetBackup?

Thanks Nicolai. Adding the

Thanks Nicolai. Adding the touch file has allowed us to isolate the restore to one media server even though it is not the server we intended to use for the restore.

Seems your wish has been

Seems your wish has been granted!

NBU 7.6 BAR GUI now contains Media Server option in the final 'Restore Marked Files' screen.

See attached screenshot.

Thanks Marianne, do you know

Thanks Marianne, do you know if this works with OST/MSDP storage servers? I will run a few test restores to verify. I only ask the question because the "Media host override" is ignored for this type of storage server.

Unfortunately it does not help with our SAP restore because it is initiated from the CLI of the destination client.

I will see if I can find

I will see if I can find documentation today. If it's available in the GUI it should be available in cmd as well.

What is the command used on

What is the command used on the client for restore?

I see in Commands manual that bprestore has an option:

-disk_media_server <media_server>

If you are using 'brrestore' I can only suggest that you log a Support call to find out how to select/specify the disk_media_server.