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Media owner is not present in assigned media

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Hi All,


We are facing a problem regarding that media owner is not present in the assigned media due to which when restore is started and restore job  required those media the media is not in the library is showing in the restore log but media is available in the library which I confirmed by my self

 I think this issue is occurred after our NBU up gradation  from 5x to 6x cause these are the media used at the time of 5x environment.

 I tried to change the media owner of the media from GUI but its showing me error "No Volumes owned by a media server group have been selected"

Kindly suggest how can I set the media ownership for the assigned media as I don't want to expire the media

Netbackup version - 6.5.5

OS -- Windows 2003 sp2





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Please post output of the following command for one of these tapes:

<install-path>\veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd\nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid <media-id>

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On first the output of nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid is showing an empty spcae in the entry  Last Write Host but after running the command

<install-path>\veritas\netbackup\bin\bptm -makedbentry -media id <media id> -poolnum


the entry of master server is getting reflected in the last wriiten host but we found that while running the command bpimagelist the output is howing 0Kb data is written in the media but while running the bpimmediacommand shows that image is present in the meida.


Our restore is getting failed kindly suggest us.




restore logs:-

08:01:54 (160951.001) Restoring from image created 12/7/2008 12:06:32 AM

08:01:58 (160951.001) INF - If Media id S404L3 is not in a robotic library administrative interaction may be required to satisfy this mount request.

08:01:59 (160951.001) INF - TAR STARTED

08:02:02 (160951.001) INF - Waiting for mount of media id S404L3 on server for reading.

08:17:25 (160951.001) INF - If Media id S404L3 is not in a robotic library administrative interaction may be required to satisfy this mount request.

08:20:45 (160951.001) INF - Waiting for mount of media id S404L3 on server for reading.

08:39:09 (160951.001) INF - If Media id S404L3 is not in a robotic library administrative interaction may be required to satisfy this mount request.

08:47:01 (160951.001) (160951.001) ERR - Timed out waiting for the media to be mounted and positioned.

08:47:01 (160951.001) INF - TAR EXITING WITH STATUS = 0

08:47:01 (160951.001) INF - TAR RESTORED 0 OF 0 FILES SUCCESSFULLY

08:47:01 (160951.001) INF - TAR KEPT 0 EXISTING FILES

08:47:01 (160951.001) INF - TAR PARTIALLY RESTORED 0 FILES

08:47:06 (160951.001) Status of restore from image created 12/7/2008 12:06:32 AM = timed out waiting for media manager to mount volume


08:47:12 INF - Server status = 5

08:47:16 ( INF - Status = the restore failed to recover the requested files.


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If you don't mind, PLEASE post output of:
nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid S404L3

Is server  the master server?

Level 4
  • Yes Server is the master server.


  • Correction on my above statement bpmedialist is showing 0 kb data in media not bpimagelist.

E:\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bpmedialist -m  S404L3
Server Host =

 id     rl  images   allocated        last updated      density  kbytes restores

           vimages   expiration       last read         <------- STATUS ------->


S404L3   0    999   02/16/2011 07:56        N/A         hcart3           0     0

                0   INFINITY              N/A         FROZEN



  • Out put of nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid S404L3


E:\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid S404L3
NBEMMCMD, Version:6.5.6
Media GUID:                     37077050-5fa0-4201-8e89-d6bf9278e443
Media ID:                       S404L3
Partner:                        -
Media Type:                     HCART3
Volume Group:                   000_00001_TLD
Application:                    Netbackup
Media Flags:                    1
Description:                    ---
Barcode:                        BIS404L3
Partner Barcode:                --------
Last Write Host:               
Created:                        06/27/2008 13:12
Time Assigned:                  02/16/2011 07:56
First Mount:                    06/27/2008 14:45
Last Mount:                     12/28/2008 05:06
Volume Expiration:              -
Data Expiration:                INFINITY
Last Written:                   -
Last Read:                      -
Robot Type:                     TLD
Robot Control Host:             xxxxx
Robot Number:                   1
Slot:                           8
Side/Face:                      -
Cleanings Remaining:            -
Number of Mounts:               8
Maximum Mounts Allowed:         0
Media Status:                   FROZEN
Kilobytes:                      0
Images:                         999
Valid Images:                   0
Retention Period:               0
Number of Restores:             0
Optical Header Size Bytes:      1024
Optical Sector Size Bytes:      0
Optical Partition Size Bytes:   0
Last Header Offset:             0
Adamm Guid:                     00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Rsm Guid:                       00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Origin Host:                    ocdusrosmss01
Master Host:                    ocdusrosmss01
Server Group:                   NO_SHARING_GROUP
Upgrade Conflicts Flag:
Pool Number:                    16
Volume Pool:                    EXCHANGE
Previous Pool Name:             SCRATCH
Vault Flags:                    -
Vault Container:                -
Vault Name:                     -
Vault Slot:                     -
Session ID:                     -
Date Vaulted:                   -
Return Date:                    -
Command completed successfully.

In the above out put is the master server



In the mean time case is also opened with Symantec as  issue is effecting all our old media





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I do understand the need for changing name, but please explain where all these name fit it?

Just give them names such as 'old-media' 'current-master' current-media' etc.

Difficult to form a picture if we don't know where all these name fit in:




It seems as if all Media server databases were not successfully migrated to the EMM database during the 5.1 -> 6.5 upgrade?