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Media position error 86

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Hi everyone,

We're getting an error 86 for one client, which complains about media position.

I've frozen the tape in question and rerun, however it comes up with the same error on a different tape, so I don't think media is the problem.


All the posts and knowledge base entries about this refer to solaris servers, however the client we are getting the error on is linux.


Has anyone seen this error on a linux box and possibly know where to look to resolve?






Level 6
Could it actually be an issue with the drive or does it occur on more than one drive also?

Level 3

Unfortunately it is happening on more than one drive.


Any other idea's?

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Is this client also media server backing up itself?


Are you using special volume pool/media for this particular backup job? 

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Level 3

Yes the client is a media server and it is backing itself up,

However the backup is just using media from the Datastore pool like many other policies.


It is strange that we only see this error on this one client.


checking with the server team, they confirm that this linux box is built in the same way (same kernel & drivers) as others that backup fine.


I have restarted the device manager service on this media server to no avail.

Level 6

in case if it is media server it self ,Which is the robotic control host? If you run vmoprcmd command does it show All drives are up and running

May be There is Some problem with drive configuration you can run device configuration again see if it comes up

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Hi Phil,


What is the exact error - is it writing and then you get the "too many data blocks written" error, or is it when positioning before  write/read eg. mounting tape.


How many blocks is it out by, if it is missing by just one or two then it's possible a firmware issue, if it s missing by many, possibly driver related. 


If it happens when writing (ok, after it's written but when it checks the positiion) then the number and size of data buffers may be responsible.


Can you get some logs, I'd start with bptm and maybe ltid.