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Media server Drive not visible

Level 4

Hello Friends,

Need your help.we have a master server on solaris 9 in NBU version 6.5.6 and one media server in NBU version 6.5.6 on solaris 9.few days back drives are visible to media server and backup runing days suddenly something happan when backup job in progress.suddenly all drive not showing when i run vmoprcmd command in media server no drives are visible in vmoprcmd but when i run tpconfig and scan and sgscan all drives are visible.because of that all backup got failed.

netbackup all process NB process and MM process running fine on Media server.we have just issue in vmoprcmd command not showing any drive in media server.Please help me on this.

We contact with solaris admin.they told that nothing issue in OS side.if they run some routing command from os side after that drives are visible for lil bit time in vmoprcmd but after that same issue start again.They told me that nothing issue from OS side.issue from netbackup side.

is it possible in netbackup.if any routing issue happan then it effect only in vmoprcmd command.not whole netbackup process.


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Sounds like your storage units are going 'offline'. The Device Manager (ltid process) )is shutting down?

1. What does the command vmps  on the media server show?

2. What does (from master server) this output show?

# vmoprcmd -hoststatus -h <mediaserverwithtapedriveproblem>

3. Any device discrepancies

# tpautoconf -report_disc

Does the Admin Console show the Media Server Active for Tape and Disk or only Active for Disk?

4. Command from master server to show same status of nbu servers:

# nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose

A common issue when ltid stopped running was:
Review the vm.conf file on the media server experiencing this issue. Verify that only the media server node name is listed.  For example:

MM_SERVER_NAME = nbumedia1


The resource broker could be hung on allocations. you could remove them:

nbrbutil -resetMediaServer <nbumedia1>


Increase logging for the MM processes:

Enable the ltid and daemon logs on the media server and check for any error messages

edit vm.conf add the line


create the directories




Reboot media server.

Still a problem. Shutdown NBU environment and power cycle robots and libraries. and startup NBU on Master then Media Servers.