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Media server OS fresh installation

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i Folks,

In my current environment Netbackup Master server running on 9.1 and the Media server is running on 7.7.3 and 8.1 running on RHEL OS 5.x . Now we planning to upgrade the media server OS to a higher version along with the Netbackup version. As RHEL OEM suggested there is no possibility to upgrade the OS from 5.x to 8.x so that need to format the server and install the fresh os with the same hostname, IP, and DNS entries. 

1) after the OS upgrade should I directly install the Netbackup media server application 9.1? post installation it will automatically update in the EMM database in the master server and it will function with the same storage units (DDBoost) as previously.

2) otherwise after the OS upgrade should I need to install the current version 7.7.3/8.1 and later upgrade to version 9?

3) Before formatting the Media server it required to transfer the backup image ownership to another media server?

which is the best way to proceed.


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Well there is nothing being kept on media server (is it also a storage server?) - so I would go ahaed and install new OS, Install NBU - remeber to keep the same hostname and IP - then the master should not be confused.

Maybe for this 8.1 you will have to play around with certificate - but I don't recall in which version this was introduced.

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Hi All,

please correct me in the below plan of action and suggest me any modifications required

1)unmap the media server from ddbost disk storage unit at NB  Admin GUI

2) make the media server inactive for tape and disk

3) format the below media server. Reinstall the new RHEL OS and install the same previous version 8.1/7.7.3.

4) After successfully installing NetBackup 8.1/7.7.3 and the CA certificate deployed and upgraded to Netbackup version 9.1

5) install the ddboost plugin and activate the media server for disk and tape add the media server to the same storage unit and run the test backup.



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Why you will install the previous version?
If your master server is at 9.1, install 9.1 to the media server as well.

Hi @tony_ja 

Seems okay but you may run into issues installing NBU 7.7.3 on a current RHEL release. 

As an alternate approach, decommission each media server in turn (use the nbdecommission utility), then rebuild the media server with new OS and same hostname etc. and fresh install of NetBackup 9.1. The only "tricky" bit will be to make sure you create a reissue token when installing the former 8.1 media server. I think this will give you a cleaner end result for not much more effort. 


Master server 9.1 but media server on 8.1. after media server formatted and installed with fresh RHEL os with same hostname. Can I install it directly to 9.1 because emm database holds 8.1 it won't be any problem? 

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if the media server is not a MSDP storage server, then there is no database on the media server.
You can go direct to 9.1