Media server hardware requirements


I have to to set up a new Windows 2012 physical media server with NB 8.1.2 and I need the minimum and recommended requirements (CPU, RAM, etc...)

I have read the installation guide, and it sends me to the SORT site, but I don't understand how to retrieve the informations that I need

Can someone help me please?

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Re: Media server hardware requirements

What backup devices will be added to the media server?
Tape? How many drives?
Dedupe disk? What size?


Re: Media server hardware requirements

See this planning guide, and add a bit more RAM for modern OS and and latest versions of NetBackup, eveything else pretty much still stands:

Symantec NetBackup Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide



Re: Media server hardware requirements

Review the guide @sdo linked above - you really need to calculate how much data you plan to send through and how many destinations. Also - pay attention to how data flows - hba and network interfaces have a major impact as well.

Remember - you can have GOOD, FAST or CHEAP - pick TWO!

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Re: Media server hardware requirements

Why Windows 2012?

That's going to End of Live in a couple short years.

Why not Windows 2016?