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Media server migration

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I currently have a Solaris 10 sparc system that is a Netbackup 7.7.3 master/media server.

The plan is to put the master server on one linux system and the media server on a seperate linux system.

I have the new linux media server configured and it sees the tape robot and drives, using the volmgr/bin/scan.

My question is how to gracefully decommision the media side of the master/media Solaris server, still using the Solaris system as the master, until the new linux master system is ready? 


Thank you




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You can use nbdecommission and moving the mediadb to your new media server.

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I would personally choose not to use nbdecommission as this utility is designed to remove all references to the server from the entire environment. 
I have done this a week ago. The second-last process is to remove Server entries from all other servers and then nbemmcmd -deletehost -machinename ....

I have never tried nbdecommission against a master server. So, no idea if the script is clever enough to do it differently for a master.

I would 'play safe' and use the old-fashioned manual steps.
Such as:
bpmedia -movedb -ev media_ID -oldserver <old_server> -newserver <new_server> 
nbemmcmd -deletealldevices -machinename <server-name> -machinetype media
(I guess -machinetype here would need to be master)

Remember to update all STU config in policy attributes, schedules and SLPs.

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