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Media servers [Virtual, Physical]

Level 4
Hi Experts,
I've couple of queries related media physical, virtual [VM -backup host] servers.
1. Physcial media server: i have 3 media servers and each media server has 2 ports FC card which is an initiator.
i want to do offload from disk to tape + separate offload + FC SAN clients
does it make sense if i  install 2 FC cards with 2 ports each and configure one FC card[ 2ports] as target and use one FC for OFFLOAD to tape + for FC SAN clients ?
and 2nd FC card [as initiator ] for SAN based backup ?
2. Backup host [VM- Hotadd]:
I want to configure VM backup host for hotadd backup of virtual machine. Do  i need to aquire a new license for new media server ? how i can check this from existing licenses ? is there any command to see the quantity used or available from installed licenses?
I need your suggestions, if this is good approach to solve some slow backup or increase the backup performance.
Many Thanks