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Media servers load balancing

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Hi experts,
I,ve noticed that most of backup jobs are running only on latest newly installed media servers.
In my environment, I have 6 media servers (3 for primary site, 3 for DR site).

My question is which approach is best.

Should i create a storage group for primary site only with 3 servers and same for DR site or create 3 storage groups in pair ( primary + DR site)?

Hardware configuration is same for primary and DR servers?
Server1a-msdp = Server1b-msdp
Server2a-adv = Server2b-adv
Server3a-msdp = Server3b-msdp

How should I create storage unit group?
Stug-1a2a3a (primary)? And stug-1b2b3b (DR)
stug-1a1b and stug-2a2b and stug-3a3b
Stug-1a3a1b3b and stug-2a2b
Based on above combination, I want to create SLP policies which can duplicate data based on configuration from one site to another.

Please suggest.

Many thanks

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IMHO - Storage Unit groups is not a good idea with MSDP.

Each MSDP pool is a dedupe 'island'. There is no global dedupe across different MSDP pools.

Each policy should only go to one MSDP to ensure best dedupe rates. 
Furthermore, different data types should be sent to different MDSPs, eg 
databases to Server1a-msdp and replicated to Server1b-msdp
filesystems to Server3a-msdp and replicated to Server3b-msdp.

If I may ask - what is the purpose of the Advanced disks in the environment?

@Marianne, Many thanks

Each MSDP pool is a dedupe 'island' <= if this is the case, then is there any way to load balance media servers ? + Is there any way to failover backup jobs automatically if one media server is offline  ?

what is the purpose of the Advanced disks in the environment? => adv. disks are used for Oracle backup. i'm not sure if it is the right approach.

additional info: i'm not using replication but SLP. my thought is : (if possible ofc) - if i set a limit of 6 backup jobs for one media servers and next 6 backup should assign to the next available media server. i'm not sure if it is possible? Please assist.