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Media summary descriptions Active, Scratch, Expired

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Apologies in advance for this simple question.


What are the meanings for the descriptions Netbackup give to in use media. Examples I have seen are Active, Scratch, Expired, Vault. Is there an online description of these descriptions and are there any more?


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Active - means is 'available for use', as opposed to Frozen or Suspended

(Frozen should be for bad tapes only (or suspected bad) they will never expire.  Suspended is a manually chosen state (the Vault option can also do this) which means a tape won't be used again, until it expires.

Scratch - Empty tape in a 'scratch volume pool' which can therefore be allocated fpr backups/ duplications

Expired - Once all the images on a tape pass their expire date, the tape moves into an expired state itself.  It is then, deleted from the 'media DB' once the cleanup job runs.  If a tape is known to NBU (appears in the media bit of the GUI) it IS in the 'volumr DB' - vmquery -m <media id> will display it.  A tape is only in the 'media DB' if it has an 'assign time', which means it contains unexpired images.  There are a few times this is not true (the backup has just started and the image hasn't been written yet, all images have expired but the tape hasn't yet been deleted from the media DB).  If a tape is in the 'media DB' - bpmedialist -m <media ID> will report on that tape (if it's not, you get a message saying it's not assigned to the EMM host).

Vault - This will relate to tapes that have been taken offsite

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Media state/status is covered in NBU Admin Guide I.

You can find links to your NBU version manuals in 'Handy NBU Links' in my signature.

PS :

Always better if you show us what you see - there is no status called Scratch.

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Good point Marianne.

Yes Scratch is not a status, but a term that is usually used to mean 'empty tapes'.  NBU allows a pool to be defined as a 'scratch' pool that is used to 'hold' these empty tapes.  The pool can be named as you wish, but typically people call is 'Scratch'.