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Microsoft Exchange (GRT) image to tape "database system error (220)" is generated

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I hope someone can help me with this.

When duplicating a Microsoft Exchange Granular Restore Technology (GRT) image to tape "database system error (220)" is generated.

Duplication of a Microsoft Exchange GRT image to tape generates a "database system error (220)".  If the "Enable message-level cataloging when duplicating Exchange images that use Granular Recovery Technology" option is unchecked the duplication completes successfully.


Thank you



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If you have an IP-less DAG, this is a known problem.

A workaround is to put your DAG in your master server's hosts file with the IP address of one of your Exchange servers.

A better workaround is to configure the GRT granular proxy host in the client host properties for the DAG, but to do that you need a GUI fix that's only in NetBackup 8.1. In the TechNote we tell you how to work around the GUI problem.


Thank you for your respond. Our netbackup version is 7.7.3 and I can see the Exchange granular proxy host entry in the client properties. Do i just put in the active mail server host name in and create a *.pvt file in the folder?





I understand why you say that the GUI is need to be fix on GRT granular proxy host in the client host properties for the DAG. I put the entry in and is not save.


Can you please tell me what you mean by put my DAG in to master server's host with the IP address of one of your Exchange servers?



The GUI bug is that it does not save the proxy, as you discovered. The TechNote tells you to check for a certain touch file. You'll find that it's missing. Create it.

I mis-typed the first workaround. (Fixed, now.) On a Windows master server, you can edit the hosts file to associate IP addresses with host names. You can do this to associate the IP address of one of your Exchange servers and the DAG name. If the master server is Linux or Unix, then someone can advise you how to do the equivalent to help your server resolve the DAG name. From the master server's perspective then, the DAG is no longer IP-less.

Hi Lowell,

Currently my dag has an dedicated IP address assign to it. So, I do not think I can have the exchange mail server IP address accociate with it.

Here is the detail -

Active Exchange Server -

Passive Exchange Server -

Hi Lowell,

I have edit the host file and point the dag to my exchange server IP address. But still no luck.


Do I need to restart the netbackup service?



You do not have to restart services after changing the hosts file. Can you ping the DAG by name now from the master server? Did you put both the short name and the FQDN in the hosts file?

If name resolution is the issue, you should find the errors mentioned in the TechNote. Is that what you find? If not, what errors do you find in the logs mentioned (admin and bpdbm)?