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Migrate images in tape to a new primary server

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is there a way to migrate the catalog infos about the images on tape to a new primary server?

We would like to change the hostname of the new backup server (primary and media server) and also the OS from Windows to RH Linux. I don’t have to move any image on disk to the new server just the tapes. I know it would be possible to import the images on tape but that would take too long.

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NBU on Windows


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There is a technique called "recovery without import" or  "partial catalog recovery".

check these documents, and test the procedure before you proceed.


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There is two topics you need to very aware of.

  • Cross OS catalog migration was previous not supported for end users - if that is still the case I don't know.
  • Changing Master server name was previous a big "no go". if that is still the case I don't know.

I suggest you contact veritas or authorized reseller for assistance.

Just to clarify some of the above points. 

The partial catalog recovery suggested by @StefanosM would be about the only poosible way to do what you are after (with the NetBackup version you are using). Be aware though that the process does not create the tape assignments, so you need to make sure the tapes are protected from being used (NetBackup will believe them unassigned and available) - the way to do this is to place the tapes in a pool that is not used for scratch (the article mentions this). The process also would allow you to test recovery in the enw environment from tape before you commit (and decomm the old master). Nothing in the cat_export/cat_import would affect the status of the old master. 

Cross OS catalog migration is possible now for customers. There are some caveats (same master server name is the main one), but this is only supported to version The tool is called NetBackup Service Migrator and should be available to download via the download portal (under updates from memory).

The catman tool may also have been helpful for cross OS and different name migration, but again at present this is only supported to version 

The reasons for the above two is the NetBackup database change from SQLAnywhere to PostgreSQL when upgrading to 10.2 - this requires some major changes to the catman tool and the server migrator.


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Tranzman would support this, and going to 10.2 is also supported with Tranzman.

Tranzman was designed for moving data at a very granular level, and can deselect copies so migration of only tape even where there are disk copies can be performed so no extra cleanup steps are required post migration...

Because Tranzman transfers catalog records between two environments, the MUST have different hostnames.

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Veritas has published the NbServerMigration tool since 24-07-2023 which will make you be able to migrate your netbackup primary server to new hardware with different O.S. but with the same hostname.

Here are some links that should help: