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Migrate off NetBackup Windows 2008 over to NetBackup 10.2 on new hardware with Windows 2016

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I have a server that is currently running NetBackup on a Windows 2008 32 bit version. I need to upgrade the NetBackup application to the latest version on new hardware running Windows 2016 connected to a fibre channel connected Quantum Scalar i500 LTO 4 tape library. I am looking to understand what steps I need to take?


Level 6

Hi @sambols 

What I would suggest is the following (and due to the oldness of the versions and starting with a 32 bit OS, this will be painful). 

  1. Build a Windows 2008 (or 2012) 64 bit server (using the same hostname as the current master).
  2. Install the same version of NetBackup on that ( and perform a catalog recovery from the old master.
  3. Verify the rebuilt master works.
  4. Upgrade NetBackup to version 8.0 on this new server. 
  5. Build a new server running Windows 2016 (using the same hostname as the current master)
  6. Perform a NetBackup catalog recovery from the Windows 2008 to Windows 2016. 
  7. Upgrade NetBackup to 10.2 (it is possible direct from 8.0). 

Use version 8.0 as the interim NBU version as this is the first version that supported Windows 2016 as a NetBackup master/media server. To install/upgrade to version 8.0 you require a 64 bit OS. The final upgrade will be the simplest. Don't forget to review the upgrade guide for details on the NetBackup web service user and potential new database user - as the NetBackup database is converted from Sybase SQL Anywhere to PostgreSQL.

Make sure you review the upgrade guide for 8.0 - there are a couple of catalog migration tasks that are required as part of the upgrade and a NBDB rebuild. I'd suggest SORT, but I don't think it caters for such an old version anymore. If you also have MSDP in the environment, then there are some additional steps for converting this (first to 8.0, then again to 10.2). 

Again review the upgrade guides to make sure you understand the requirements. 

As for the tape library, once you have ocmpleted the upgrade use the wizard to add it back in.

Good luck

Level 4


Quite the task you've been gifted here. :)

If this is a production environment is there a budget available to engage Veritas Professional Services or another support resource to help with the migration/upgrade?  Unless you're already a skilled NetBackup Administrator, I'm not sure this is the project to pick up for on the job learning.

If that's not possible, have you considered standing up a new NetBackup Domain and re-creating backup policies from old to new?  I didn't read that there was an urgency to get this done so creating new backups and letting the old expire off might not be the worst option if you have time to do so.

@davidmoline is the expert here so take his advice where possible. I'm just tossing out other thoughts.

Regards and good luck to you.



would you join the new server to the Domain before performing the catalog recovery from the old master?

Hi @sambols 

As they have to have the same hostname as before I would not do this - for the versions you will be recovering (7.6.x & 8.0) there is no requirement for domain accounts to be available. 

Once you get to 10.2 - there is a requirement for a web service user (and now a database user) which can either be domain or local - though making them local would add complications performing a recovery (as the recovered permissions for a local user may not restore correctly). However, this does not apply to you (so lucky). 

Once you have completed the second recovery and have the system at 8.0, then I would reattach the new master to the domain.

And if I haven't said this before - test the process out first using an isolated environment (such as in VMware) to make sure you can get it up and running, before doing anything for real).

Good luck. 


How can I get a copy of 7.5 to install on the new server? I only have a 32 bit version on the original server. The oldest version on is 7.7.

Hi @sambols 

Find someone who is willing to give it to you. I am unable to provide this (if I could find something this old). 

I'm sure there is someone who would have a copy.


What about upgrading the Master Server to 7.7 first? I then can download a 64 bit version of 7.7 and install it on the interim 2012R2 server?

If you can upgrade to 7.7 first that may work (although I'm not sure there is a 32 bit version of 7.7).

David, I am unable to find a 7.5.x 64 bit install and support can't help with this either. How can I go about obtaining the software? I am really stuck at this point!

Hi @sambols 

All I can suggest is to put out a call to this group to see if someone can help. I'm sure some diligent admin has kept all the old CD's etc. and may be able to provide it to you. The last version that supported a 32bit Windows OS was from memory (so 7.7 wouldn't help). If you can get 7.6 (both 32 bit and 64 bit, then you could upgrade your current system to that and work from there).

I don't have access to anything that old.



if I manage to find a copy of there. Will the 32bit licence keys I have work with a 64bit version?