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Migrating DD 2500 to DD6300 - Netbackup 773

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Hello Everyone, 

I would like some help in a migration with DDs.

Today we have 2 Netbackup structures.

1 - ) Media Server Win2012 / Master Server Win2008/ OST DD2500 (55TB).

2 -) Media Server Win2012/Master Server Win2008/ OST DD2500 (55TB).

Our DD2500 is getting out of space, we are going to install a new DD6300 with 130TB in the structure 1, and latter install the disks do the old DD2500 at the actual DD2500, increasing disk space on both sides.

With this cenary, i have some questions about the steps i need to take and have atention.

1-) How can i configure one more DD6300 in my actual netbackup ? Is there any plugin i have to take care ?

2-) Today we used netbackup licenced by TB, so i supposed that i'm not going to have licencing problems connecting another device ?

3-)How can i migrate de data catalog to another DD? This needs to be done on the Mtree ? or by netbackup ? How can i do this ? and how can i keep my SLPs working with the other side replica.

4-)Groing disks on the DD2500 on structure 2 have any attention point ? just increasing Mtree space is enought to netbackup detect that changes?

Thank You for your help, this community always save me, and sory for my bad english.






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Ok, this really depends if you are going to keep the 2500s in the environment.

Data Domains have a dead simple migration procedure if you just swap the boxes, it's called Collection replication, it will replicate everything from old to new including DD Boost passwords and all data. Then you just change DNS to point old host name to the new DD and everything in NBU or elsewhere will work automagically

Now if you want to keep the 2500s and add the new storage as new OST devices then you need to look back at your design and see if you have enough media servers to support the workload, after all you will treble the back-end capacity and this may be due to new front-end data etc. If you are using the same media servers, you can continue to use them, just confirm compatibility of the DD Boost plug-in version with DD OS version of 6300s, as they may ship from factory with latest code. Then you do full set up of 6300s where you create ifgroups, DD Boost configuration, etc and on the NBU side you create new storage servers, disk pools and storage units. Then you change your SLPs to use the new storage units.

To be honest, it might take more than one design workshop just to figure out how to do it in a proper way, so the methodology  explained above is a pretty high level and quite generic. I really suggest to reach out to your partner to see if they can help in designing this solution