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Migrating NetBackup Media Server on Linux to Master Server on Windows and Decommissioning Media Ser

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Hello NetBackup Experts,

I need your expert advise on the below:

Currently we have 1 x NetBackup 8.3 Master Server running on Windows 2012 R2 and 4 x NetBackup Media Server on Windows as well 4 x Media Server on Linux. We want to consolidate all Media Server to Master Server (both Windows and Linux Media Servers) and then decommission all 8 x Media Servers

I was going through some KBs from Veritas portal and found that, migrating Data from One Media Server to another requires same path using bpmedia -movedb commandline. Whether it is possible to move all the media ownership to Master server without using bpmedia -movedb -m media_id (which I suppose need to be done one by one) and it is difficult tas as we have around 5000+ tapes and finding the ownership of each tape is time consuming activity. 

Whether there is any way, I can move all media information along with the volumes from Linux Media Server to Windows Master Server in single commandset. 


Apprecaite, if any of you suggest the best possible way to migrate.

Thank you in advance.



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first of all, are you sour that consolidating 8 media servers to one will not get you into troubles?
I'm speaking primary about network and tape bottlenecks.
And consolidating media to master is not a good idea.

My suggestion is to leave master server role alone. (unless this is a retiring installation)

now for the tapes. There is a command that moves the image database entries to another media (bpimage) but I think that will not move the media database, creating inconsistencies to netbackup. But you can try it.

Else you can create a linux script that will move the tapes. use the following command to extract tape and media server info
bpmedialist -ls |awk '{print $1,$27}'


We have deployed new backup solution, that is the reason we want to consolidate all the media servers. We want to keep the Master server only for restoration purpose as required by complaince team.

bpimage will be more time consuming acitivty as single media will have more than one image. 

I was looking for some way to move media database from Linux Media Server to Windows Master Server. I have procedures handy to move Media database between same operating system but not for the cross-platform. There is no specific KB related to this in Veritas portal instead there are KB for moving media database on same OS. 


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Please take a look at nbdecomission command. It will exactly do what you are looking for.

Or you can just throw away that media servers and use this below entry in bp.conf 


Out of my curiosity - what is your current backup platform?

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I agree with Quebek.
The FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER exactly what you want.

I will try the mentioned procedure and check whether I will able to restore the backup of different media server from master server.

We have move all of our systems to virtualization or cloud, so we have opted for Veeam B&R.