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Migrating Netbackup master/media from physical server to virtual server

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In preparation for migrating to a virtual media/mater server, we have upgraded our current physical server to NetBackup we now need to migrate from the physical server to a virtual server and I would like to ask if there is any documentation on this process. Thanks



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Ntbackup 7.6. is out of support since feb 2017. Consider to upgrade to 7.7.

I would recommend in performing a catalog backup and restore if size of catalog is not too big. Catalog Backup and restore is documented in the manuals. To simplify the catalog backup/restore process use a "basic disk storage unit" as catalog backup storeage unit exclusive. This will reduce complexity during restore.

please do some test backup/restores before doing the final conversions.

NB: Also note that tape drives and virtual maschibes don't go well together.

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Please give us all relevant information i.e:

- Which OS?

- Which type of Virtualization?

- What type of Storage attached to your Master/media server?

Reason for my questions:

- There are different migration TNs for Windows and Unix/Linux.

- Important w.r.t. supported Storage Units

- Equally important as tape is not supported on most Virtualization technologies. Only disk.

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-Upgrade the Master server to NBU 7.7.x as suggested by  

-Run NBCC and confirm that catalog is consistence.

-Fresh full catalog backup and DR file backup. Recommended to take backup on Basic Disk or Tape 

You can add temporary LUN on Master or Media and create new Basic Disk to take fresh catalog backup and represent the same to new server. It will help to perform catalog recovery faster.

-Take NBSU from existing Master server.

-Take backup of registry key just for safety to understand the configuration during troubleshoot. (Optional)

-Create same replica of existing master configuration. e.g NBU version, install path, Master server Name.

Note: you can change IP address but cannot change the Master server name.

-Once install the fresh NBU. Perform health check of  OS and NBU by doing start/stop, server reboot etc.

-Perform the catalog recovery.


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Also run the Veritas sort data collector on both new and old system to ensure the are fit for operation.

Samle Report here:


This technote from Veritas will also add to your help apart from earlier suggestions by our experts.

Using catalog backup and recovery to transfer NetBackup catalogs between Windows master servers as part of a hardware refresh - 

1. We are  moving from Physical  windows server 2008 - Vmware windows server 2012 r2

2. Vmware Version 5.5.0

3. OST storage for disk

4. Fiber channel going from disk to tape drive is what we hope to implement.

thank you all for your replies!

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The TN posted above can be used for catalog backup and restore to migrate NBU master.

LAN based OST storage is fine.
Tape is not. Not supported by VMware.
You will need a physical media server for tape. Unless the OST appliance supports 'direct to tape' like Quantum DXi.

Please use 'Handy NBU Links' in my signature to access Compatibility Lists.

Thank you all for the help

Hi All,

I'm a co-worker of ChelanCoPUD's.  I wanted to clarify a few points and ask a couple of extra questions.... Since he posted this, we've upgraded our existing Netbackup 7.6 installation to 7.7.  Our existing physical server is both master and a single media server in one.  We are now looking to proceed with moving from the ancient hardware we are on to a new virtualized VM locked to a single vSphere host.  Our tape drives are Quantum LTO5 drives in a Quantum Scalar robot, connected by Fiber Channel to the existing Netbackup server.  The vSphere host that will house the new Netbackup VM has a fiber channel HBA that is passed through directly to the VM that we will utilize for master and media server, so that only that VM can utilize it.  This should work, yes? 

The new OS is Windows Server 2012 R2.  We utilize Exagrid disk storage devices to send backups to first, then we duplicate to tape later with Netbackup (not with OST direct to tape or anything like that).  The duplication gets pulled from Exagrid OST device via IP, through Netbackup master/media server, and on to the tape drive via Fiber Channel.  

Now, an additional question that I'm hoping to answer.  On our existing host, we have presented a disk from our SAN via the fiber channel HBA that contains the entire Netbackup catalog.  This disk can be simply 'moved' from our existing Netbackup server to our new virtualized one via the passed-through HBA.  Can this be used to simplify the move from old hardware to new VM so that there aren't extra steps involved in performing the catalog backup/restore?  While we do regular catalog backups, the process of moving seems to be documented and aimed toward the idea that your catalog storage is separate on both old and new hosts.... We have the ability to simply move the catalog storage and any other files from one to the other with a few clicks. 

Anyway, I hope that helps answer any questions and maybe those reading can help answer mine. 

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Vmware does not support tape, therefore NetBackup does not either.

NBU also doesn't support your use of pass-through on the vHBA to the disk.  While I get what you're trying to do, you're walking into an unsupported minefield.  Virtualization doesn't work for everything and this is one of those things.  

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