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Migrating / Pruning restored image catalog prior to nbcatsync in DD environment?

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I am in the middle of migrating/splitting a NetBackup environment for two clients; they were one company and are now splitting up and migrating backups, clients, etc.; Let's call them Client A and Client B, and I will make use of these terms to outline who owns what below:

Original NetBackup environment:

  • Client A & Client B
  • Master Server A  -
  • A number of media servers
  • DD990-Prod-ClientA
  • DD990-DR-ClientA

Client B purchased a pair of Data Domain DD860s and duplicated existing Client B backup images as Copy 3 to one of these; so in the original environment, it looks like this:

  • Client A copy 1 backups on DD990-Prod-ClientA
  • Client A copy 2 backups on DD990-DR-ClientA
  • Client B copy 3 backups on DD860-Prod-ClientB

I have built a new NetBackup environment for Client B with:

  • New master server name (unavoidable) Master Server B -
  • New media server names (unavoidable)
  • Pointing at existing DD860-PROD-ClientB disk pool with same DD hostname, Diskpool name.

We took a full catalog backup of Master Server A to DD860-Prod-ClientB. After refering to this post:, I successfully performed the following:

  1. nbcatsync -sync_dr_file <dr_file> which changed @aaaaU to @aaaaf to allow the catalog recovery to run
  2. bprecover -wizard to perform a partial catalog recovery of images and configuration file only

Now for my questions:

  1. The recovered catalog contains information for Client A policies and backups which we can't see on Master Server B and are not interested in; is there any way I can easily prune this information BEFORE I run nbcatsync -backupid to fix the device id in the headers of the backups I do want to keep?
  2. Which backupid do I use in the nbcatsync -backupid command? The backupid for the Catalog Backup or the backupid for an individual backup I want to access? 
  3. I understand that for this step, nbcatsync command may not be reccommended due to the time required to search for inaccessible backup images based on this but hints that it should be enhanced in a later version; should I perform the planned inplace upgrade to NBU before running this step?

I know this is a long and detailed post :) I appreciate any comments, advice, or wisdom from the field.