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Migrating backup data to new server

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Planning the Netbackup migration to new hardware.
Took this article as guidance:

I have question about backup data.
If i want all backup data to be available on a new server also, then what folders need to be copied?
Is it enough to copy these or something more is needed?:



And should this data be present before catalog recovery or doesn't matter?



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The migration article is for the Master/Primary server, its not covering what to do with any DISK media (Advanced Disk / Basic Disk / MSDP) that could be configured on it, only TAPE..

Using the Backup and Restore method, as detailed in the Hardware Refresh works, but does require a considerable downtime to the backup environment to perform (as you can't do any other backups while its taking place).  You must be going to the SAME operating system, SAME NetBackup version, and SAME install path / filesystem layout.  

If you are Backing up the CATALOG to local disk storage for the purpose of MIGRATION, it would need to be either BASIC DISK or ADVANCED DISK and you would need to copy the folders where the data was backed up over to the new SERVER, using the EXACT SAME PATHS on the new SERVER.  If its ADVANCED disk you then need to re-add the disk pool..  At that point it is most probable that it would get a DIFFERENT DiskMediaID, so you may need to modify the contents of the DRFILE before you can start the catalog restore.

MSDP server migration is not something I recommend,  I would use DUPLICATION and expiration to move data between MDSP.   That said, it is possible.  The new server MUST have the SAME hostname, and you need to take over all folders where data and catalog for MSDP is held, and use the same paths on the new server too.)

I work for a Veritas Partner that provides an ALTERNATIVE solution to migration/mergers/splits of NetBackup Environments, which allow for migrations to take place there the new environment doesn't need to match the old one. (OS TYPE, SERVER NAME, CLUSTER TOPOLOGY, NBU VERSION etc) happy to discuss that if you want to know more about it.

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Thank You for the info.
Could You give more info about this "..need to modify the contents of the DRFILE.."
Is this is something that is needed with MSDP migration also?