Migration msdp to new filesystem

We have migrated msdp data from /data3 (one of mountpoints) to /dataX with rsync and then remounted from /dataX to /data3, but for backup to this mount point we have errors 83(for old mountpoints backups are ok), image cleanup is failing as well. Is there any consistency check from msdp side?
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Re: Migration msdp to new filesystem

Did you change FS type along the way?

Are you sure you cleanly stopped and quiesced the application properly before copying/re-mounting?

Can you show the exact commands that you used?

How did you verify the copy/rsync?

Re: Migration msdp to new filesystem

Netbackup was shutted down and by bpps -x was verified, that only pbx was running. Then rsync -av /data3 /dataX. Both fs are xfs. Then remountes darax to data3 a and started netbackup.

Re: Migration msdp to new filesystem

Have you checked that all dedupe processes are running?
Have you tried to Inventory the dedupe pool?
What is disk pool status (nbdevquery)?
What about dedupe logs? Any clues there?

Re: Migration msdp to new filesystem

rsync -av does not copy hard-links, ACLs, extended attributes, sparse files (and maybe other properties and attributes too?).  How did you prove that the target file-system structures and contents were exactly the same as source after copying?

And, I'm just curious (not that I am aware of any reason why they cannot be different), do both XFS file-systems have the same block size?