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Modification time has changed while backing up

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hi guys,

I´m backing up an entire suse linux server, during the backup I´m getting error like "ERR - Modification time has changed while backing up /xxxx/xxxx/xxxx.dat" and the output code is 1. I´ve executed this policy at different hours of the day and every time I get this error. 

 I don't want to create an exception because these files are important. So can anyone help me here to figure it out this?


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does this help ?


Exact client OS version ?  Exact NetBackup client version ?  Exact FS type and version ?  P or V ?  Which style of backup job, plain OS/FS agent, or VM style ?  If VM style, then hypervisor product and version ?  pls

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The warning is indicating that the file you are backing up has changed since the start of the backup - which looking at the log details makes sense - you appear to be backing up SAP Hana DB files.
The DB probably has the file open for writing. Have you looked at how you should be protecting these files (typically backing up a live DB file is of little benefit). 
That said the file will still be backed up - in what state is questionable. Have you tried t recover from a backup to see if the backup is worthwhile?
Have you looked at using the NetBackup SAP HANA agent to protect this workload?

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Don't backup SAP table space files using a UNIX file system policy

Your incremental backup will be huge every day, because SAP files are modified all the time

The backup of the SAP table space files is worthless, you need to use a Netbackup SAP Hana agent that (as already suggested).

I recommend you exclude the SAP files by placing a file called exclude_list.{your policy name} in /usr/openv/netbackup/ on the client and add /hana/data*.dat in the exclude_file.


Hi Nicholai, Thanks for replying. To be honest the incremental backup is not that huge because of the accelerator.
Why the backup of the sap tables are worthless? I´m using NetBackup agent 8.1.1.
If I exclude those files, what would happen if I need to restore them.?

hi David, thanks for replying.

The problem here is we are providing IAAS and this customer needs to see all jobs in blue :) so is there a way to avoid this warning without creating an exclude_list.

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You need to clarify the Policy Type you are using, this looks like an error generated by a Standard policy which cannot be used to protect SAP Hana databases...



You shouldn't be backing up SAP HANA with a Standard Policy if the DB is up and running. You can backup the normal file systems and exclude the HANA DB related files which are in the following locations by default.


Those files you are seeing the error are literally the DB files. Do yourself a favor, back this machine up with an exclude list for those 2 paths. Create another backup policy for the HANA DB backup, which would utilize backint. If you can't do this and only rely on 'file' backups, see below.

If you are creating 'file' DB backups that get dumped onto the server, they would be located here /hana/shared/<SID>/HDB##/backup/ which you could backup with a standard policy. You'd restore these then have the DBA restore the DB in HANA Studio or something similar.

Keep in mind, if you are doing this, you'd need to create archive backups to clear these dumps off the server so they don't fill up the server and cause it to hang.

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my advice - listen to @Krutons advice