Modify images in order to point new master server

Hi guys,

I have a master server running in a windows 2016, the version is 7.7.3 and I have 9 media servers (veritas appliances), because of the clients operating system obsolesce I have to separate this environment in two domains. The first domain will be the same master and only 3 of the 9 media servers backing up windows 2003 and older. And for the second domain, I will install another master server in 8.1.2 version and the other 6 appliances will be attached to this new master in order to backup up windows 2008 and higher.

My concern is to find a way to "modify" the images so these point to old master because. I have to do this because I cant move all images to the first 3 appliances.

The first 3 appliances will remain in version and the other 6 will be updated to 7.7.3 or higher.


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Re: Modify images in order to point new master server

Hi Andr
Firstly, a media server (appliance or BYO) can only be attached to one master server at a time.
Secondly, if you stand up a new master server and "attach" the 6 existing media servers to it, there is no easy way to access the existing images on those appliances without either performing a lengthy import operation, or engageing Veritas consulting to do a catman manipulation.
So I don't think what you are doing will be easily achieved (others may have different ideas).

What may be a better option, is to keep the one domain - upgrade the master to a supported version, but keep the three appliances at the lower revision to support the backup of those old clients. The other 6 appliances can be upgraded to the same version as the master. Look at the compatibility matrix between NetBackup versions (refer to the "Compatibility between NetBackup versions" in the software compatibility list) to see what versions can be run in the same environemnt. I'm sure there should be a combination taht will work. That said, the combination may not for fully under support (especially as you indicate you have Windows 2003 systems in the mix which noone supports anymore).

Good luck

Re: Modify images in order to point new master server

Hi, Daniel thanks for replying,

The main problem is the whole new architecture is pending approval from the client so basically I have to achieve this.

My plan is like this.

1. Adding the new master server entry to the emm server file in all 6 appliances so the backups can run normally

2. Keep the entry of the old master server entry in the same 6 appliances so when I have to restore some images the new media servers can still resolve the old master.

Am I crazy or this could work?

Re: Modify images in order to point new master server

Hey Andr

I'd never say you were crazy, but it isn't going to work like you want it to. The EMM database is stored on the master server, not the media server.
What you are suggesting is something that can be done with a client - although I think you mean add the master server name to the SERVER list. This does work and is a good way to migrate clients between NetBackup domains to retain access to legacy backups for restore. This is for clients only though.

However as I indicated in my first reply, a media server can only be assocaited with one master server. Once you attach them to the new master, they lose access to the old master and the catalog information required for restores.The only way to use the backup images on the 6 appliance would be to import the images into the new master server.

I would seriously reconsider your planned architecture.


Re: Modify images in order to point new master server


Image ownership does not quite work like this:

My concern is to find a way to "modify" the images so these point to old master because. I have to do this because I cant move all images to the first 3 appliances.

Image file and folders reside on a master server and in master's EMM database.
The master server name on a client or media server indicates where to search for backups when a client-directed restore is requested. 
As @davidmoline said - the EMM database resides on the master. 
It holds the media servers' device config, image headers and other configuration entries.
A media server can only have one EMM server.

In the image headers, the image ownership is associated with a media server.

To associate images with a new master, you will need to move images with their EMM db entries to the new master.
There is no easy way to do this as the master hostname is deeply embedded in NBU catalogs. 

As @davidmoline said - your plan will not work and you need catman consulting.

So, what you want to accomplish is called a domain split.
Only trained catman consultants can do this.
Even to an experienced consultant, domain split is the most complex catalog manipulation and requires a lot of pre-work.

You firstly need to group the media servers with their clients - all clients that will move to the new master server, will need to ONLY backup to the media servers that will move to the new master server.
All clients that will stay with old master server, must only backup to media servers that will stay behind.

Something like this:
Group1: Client1, Client2, Client3, ClientX, ClientZ - will stay in existing environment on Media1 Media2 Media3.
Group2: Client4, Client5, ClientY, etc will move with Media4 Media5 Media6 to new master.
List images for clients in Group1 that reside on media servers that will be in Group2. (bpimmedia )
Duplicate those images to Group1 media servers. Expire images on Group2 media servers. 
Do the same for Group2 clients.
You need a good knowledge of NBU commands such as bpimmedia, bpduplicate and bpexpdate as mistakes can be costly and cannot be reversed. 
You also need to ensure that there is sufficient space on Appliances. 
You should not duplicate (or backup) images for 1 client to more than one Appliance - you lose global dedupe if images reside on multiple media servers.

The steps above is not part of a standard catman engagement, but if you engage with an experienced consultant, they may add additional consulting hours to assist.

Once the clients are split along media servers, your environment is ready for domain split using catman tools. 
The catman tools will transfer images, and other DBs from Master1 to Master2 and perform that database name change on Master2.
Group1 media servers is then removed from Master2 and the same for Master1. 

If you do it any other way, you will have no support from Veritas. 

Domain split is also part of this Article: 

DOCUMENTATION: How to migrate the NetBackup catalog information from one platform to another (UNIX to Windows or vice versa), rename a Master Server, cluster an existing Master Server, or merge multiple NetBackup domains.

Re: Modify images in order to point new master server

Thanks Marianne,

I according to all you´ve said I'm convinced not to do the way I planned in the first place. I talk to the customer and he is willing to provide 300 TB (Hitachi Content Platform) so my new plan would be like this.

1. Duplicate all images from appliances (media4,media5...) to HCP.

2. Install the new master server.

3. Once all images from step 1 were duplicated I will modify the entries of the media servers to the new master server.

4. If I need a restore a backup which was made by for example media 5 just use another media server.

Am I right?

This way I won't need any catman consulting?

Re: Modify images in order to point new master server


The catalog entries for the duplicated images will still reside on existing master.

How do you intend to move the catalogs to the new master server? 

Re: Modify images in order to point new master server

Oh God yes you are right and nop, I haven't tried to move the catalogs to the new master server because the new master server doesn't exist yet and the whole point of the new architecture is to have 2 master server, one to manage obsolency (windows 2008 and lower) and another to manage supported operating systems (win 2012 and higher)

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Re: Modify images in order to point new master server


A new OST appliance is going to complicate the environment, cost your customer a lot of money and I can honestly not see any added value. Are you aware that you will not get optimised duplication between NBU MSDP and the Appliances? 
That images will be rehydrated during duplication?

IMHO, you have 2 choices:

1. Stick with a single master and keep old clients on older version Appliance - see @davidmoline 's first reply.  (There are quite a number of expert users on this forum doing this).
2. Contact Veritas Consulting services for a catman domain split. 

Re: Modify images in order to point new master server

Hi Marianne,

The customer already bought HCP and there is so much space so we can use some of this. I think option 1 is the best option here, right now I´m doing some tests between master 812 and media 7612. I know it is not supported but do you know if win 2000 could work with agent 7.0?

so the environment would be like this: Master 8.1.2 -> Media -> Client 7.0

To be honest, I was not aware of the rehydrated process, I was wondering if AIR could give me a hand here? this way both (old master and new master can share information about images)


Re: Modify images in order to point new master server

You can only AIR between likewise dedupe technologies.
You cannot AIR from appliance MSDP to HCP. 

I am pretty sure you can have a higher version media server with lower version clients. 
Please reach out to the NetBackup SE in your country for advice. 

Speak to your customer about virtualizing these antiquated servers. 
I am convinced they have bigger issues than backup support with these systems - like zero OS support, expired server support, no supported applications, etc, etc. 

Re: Modify images in order to point new master server

One thing to consider - and I suggest you chat to your local SE - would be to use the HCP as a Cloud Cataylst target (I'm reasonably sure this is one of the supported "on-prem" object stores.

Re: Modify images in order to point new master server

As per @davidmoline , the HCP is supported by NetBackup as 'Cloud Storage'  - see NBU HCL. 

There was a joint Veritas/Hitachi Webex presentation in February this year where they positioned the following solution: NBU-HCP.JPG