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Modifying SLP after upgrade and integration more Netbackup appliances

Level 6

Hi Guys,

I have almost 8000 images in the backlog (nbstlutil report), these images are attached to SLP (almost 20 slps). The current media servers are 8 5230 Netbackup Appliances

The customer is going to add 5 5250 Netbackup Appliances as media servers. The point here is these 5250 Netbackup Appliances are going to replace the 5230 Netbackup Appliance, at some point we will have 13 Netbackup Appliances running at the same time.

My first option would be to modify each SLP, but I don't know if this "modifying part" is going to affect the images (8000) which are already running.

Another option I have is to create new SLPs and let the Netbackup Appliance process the images.

Any suggestions.


Level 6

Hi @AndresV 

In addition to updating the SLP to use the new storage pools, you can also update the destinationf ro inflight duplications. 

The trick is to modify specfic version of the in-flight SLPs. The basic command is: 
nbstl <SLP> -modify_version -version <ver> -residence <stu1>,<stu-new>".
The number of arguments to the residence option needs to match the number of operations (use "nbstl <SLP> -l -all_versions" to see what you currently have). It only makes sense to modify the destination for operation 2 and above. To determine the SLP version for the backlog images, use the bpimagelist command (field 55).