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Monthend_Full Backup not started as per schedule but manual backup completed.

Level 4

Hello Guys,

my monthend full backup not started as per schedule. I think below is the reason for this but not sure i am right or not. Please share your opinion on this.

i have 2 schedule for a policy. 1 is full backup and will run on week-1,2,3,4 Friday 16:00. Its running fine asual.(calendr-include list)

Second schedule is Monthend_full, which is also full backup -evry last Friday 16:00. its not started for January month.(calender-include list)

I  believe for this is Week4-Friday as per first schedule and Mothend_full schule also same days, JAN 26. So, due to this first schedule started and second monthend schedule was missed. Am i right?

Please share your thoughts and recommendations to avoid this in future for my envirornment.

Thank you in advance!!!





Level 4

Please provide the output of the folliwng command:

./bppllist {policyname} -U            (replace {policyname} with your policy name no brackets)

This way we can see what is missing...

Level 6

Hi Ajay,

I have a similar setup to you.  We have daily, weekly and monthly schedules.  Weekly runs every Friday, except for the last Friday of the month.  Monthly runs on the last Friday of the month.

I think I spot your problem.  If it is what I think it is, for your Full weekly, you need to deselect the 4th Friday.  The way you describe it, at the last Friday of the month both your full weekly and monthly would be trying to run at the same time.  Unless you are getting an error for one of them, you'd have to watch Activity Monitor to see what happens to the other one....does it go into queued state and eventaully get a status 196 because it can't get a backup Window?

Have a look at the solution I posted here, as it shows how we have selected our backup days, particulalrly when it comes to weekly versus monthly:

Hope this helps,