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Move NetBackup DB and catalog to an new location

Level 3

Hi All,

We are intending to move the NetBackup 8.2 (Installed on windows 2016 cluster) DB and Catalog (located on a separated shared disk - not the default location) to a new shared disk. Please share with me an official procedure if exist, what should I consider, previous experience with such operation

- catalog size is around 600 GB

- NetBackupDB is around 6 GB


Level 4
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I think simple operations is bring the new share disk into cluster, the stop NetBackup services  robocopy or any other reliable method to copy all the contents of old drive to new drive and rename old drive to some other drive letter and change the new drive  to old drive letter and start NetBackup services.

Before any operation take latest catalog backup

you can also use third party tools like veritas system recovery to old drive backup and restore to new drive and rename drive letter



Level 5

As long as the drive letter and folder path is the same when you present the new drive to the cluster. NetBackup would have no idea that anything has changed. Stop Net backup first.

1. Present new shared drive

2. Create same folder structure

3. Robocopy data to new drive

4. Change drive letter of old shared drive to another letter

5. Change drive letter of new shared drive to original drive letter

6 Start up NetBackup