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Move Netbackup dedup pool

Level 4



I have a 6,5TB dedup pool on disk D:\.

The folder structure looks like this:




Now I have a new disk enclosure with about 12TB. It has the drive letter E.

My question is: Can I switch the drive letters and move the content on E back to D. Or do I have to delete the

dedup pool and create a new one on the 12TB disk.


Thanks for the help!



1 Master Server (Windows Server 2008 R2, virtual)

2 Media Server (Windows Server 2008 R2, physical)

Netbackup Version


Level 6

In short; yes.

Assuming your media server contains your dedupe pool I did something similar; it's a long process given you are moving 6TB of data but that's what I did.  I used robocopy to move the old drive data to the new drive.  This I did over a few days with NetBackup running. 

Then I stopped NetBackup on the Media server; thus stopping the dedupe pool; re-ran my robocopy again to re-sync the two folder stuctures.

Then simply changed the old drive letter to something unused, changed the new drive letter to the old drive letter and restarted NetBackup.

The dedupe pool will automatically pickup that the drive is bigger and adjust acordingly.

Note this is what I did; Symantec may have a more formal approach but it worked for me.