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Moving data from one VTL to another

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Dear Community,

We have a VTL to be decommissioned, backups already go to a new one.

Now we need to migrate all data from the old one to the new VTL.

I guess I will need Catalog -> Duplicate but I want to schedule this, like giving it a startup window, because there are hundreds of VTL tapes from where data need to be moved. We cannot just sit and wait until they expire because they all have 5+ years of retention.

The docs only give a hint that this can be done with the Vault but I can see no way to schedule things there.

Can someone fill in the gaps and explain what needs to be done here?

I have browsed through this forum and I know that similar questions came up already (even though they were DataDomain-related) but I have not actually seen a full explanation. I am sure there is a way to do this, as it is a basic operational task.

Awaiting your kind feedback,



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It could be scripted with bpduplicate (

Get the image IDs from the Catalog and schedule the duplication however you like. I did something similar with an archive hold requirement for images on LTO3 to LTO4 a few years ago.

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I agree, a custom script would be the best way.

You can schedule vault  - it can run in a window like a backup schedule, but I have to admit I'm not sure what it does when the window closes, if the job continues or quits.  The problem with vault is it would select all the images in one hit, unless you made many vault profiles that had a selected date range each.

Not the best way.

Hence, custom script is easier.

One concern, what protection does the VTL give in terms of disk failure, is it a RAID setup underneath.  I get very concerned when I see data held long term on disk, if it is the only copy (though I don't know in your case if this is the only copy) - because a disk failure, or corruption could potentially lead to 100% loss.

There is an aweful lot of sense in coping data off to real tape.