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Moving tapes from local Netbackup to remote Netbackup

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Hi community,

It´s me again.

For some regulations here in Ecuador, customers have to have tapes in the remote site. 

We have some SLPs to backup, duplicate to tape and the replicate to remote site, right now this bank has 800 tapes and we need to move those tapes and the library to remote site.

If I need to restore some information and this information remains only one or more of 800 tapes.

How could I perform this operation? Do I have to import (phase 1 and 2) each of the 800 tapes?

Which master server would recover the information?




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With this tape footprint I would be looking at doing something like Recovery Without Import, have a look here if it is suitable:

Also for the long term, I'd think about electronic vaulting between NBU Appliances or Data Domain to replicate data to DR and create tapes there using A.I.R. or if you want to maintain the same domain, using a media server in DR

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I don't see an easy solution to this.

This is how I see the current situation :

Site 1 has copy 1 of image client1_1######### on dedupe disk and copy 2 of same image on tape.
The replicated copy at Site 2 means that Master2 now has image image client1_1######### in the catalog and on site 2 dedupe storage.

I like the idea of Recovery Without Import, but that entails partial catalog recovery on Master2 where the replicated copy of same image ID already exists.

I am also not sure what Import will do when you try to import the second copy of image id client1_1######### that already exists in the catalog.
Looking at the Command Reference, phase 1 is the '-create_db_info ' option of bpimport that will skip images aleady in the catalog:

This option recreates catalog entries for the backups that are on the specified media. It skips the backups that are already in the catalog. This option only creates information about the backups that are candidates for import, and does not perform the import operation. 

IMHO, you will probably only be able to import the tapes once the replicated copies have expired.

Hopefully there will be others with more ideas.


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You can tweak the header file in nbdb and then import other copies but this is not recommended or supported..

As Marianne mentioned if you have even one valid image in NBU, any attempts to import any other copy would simply report the message as Entity already exists.. Skipping it..
So No direct or supported method to import multiple copies You can only import images which do not have any valid copies in the catalog