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Ms-exchange client

Level 2
We have 2 Ms-exchange 2003 SP2 on W2K3 SP1 servers with NetBackup 6 MP4 client installed.

Our NetBackup Server is a UNIX version.

We try to make Online backup....

The administartor'guide is not very good.

In the log we have somme errors

11:52:52.988: <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: INF - Mailbox: InitializeDAPI failed.!
11:52:52.988: <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: INF - first load attempt of esebcli2.dll failed: The specified module could not be found.!!
11:52:52.988: <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: INF - esebcli2.dll found in current working directory
11:52:52.988: <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: INF - ESE_InitPlatinum loaded esebcli2.dll from C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin\esebcli2.dll.
11:52:55.254: <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: INF - Informational: NTFS_GetServerType status 53 returned by NetServerGetInfo
11:52:55.254: <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: INF - Informational: NTFS_GetServerType is using GetVersionEx to get the information
11:52:55.254: <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: INF - SQL2 OpenSCManager failed - labmail02_nb.
11:52:55.254: <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: INF - SQL2_FindDrives - the default SQL Service is not running on labmail02_nb.
11:52:55.254: <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: INF - Device Shadow?Copy?Components Dle platform 2 major version 5 minor version 2 build 3790
11:53:11.177: <4> dos_backup::V_VerifyFileList: INF - UBS Local Type for 'Microsoft Exchange Public Folders:' --> 1002001a
11:53:11.177: <4> dos_backup::V_VerifyFileList: INF - unable to determine UBS type for:_BACKUP_SPECIAL_OBJECTS BEFORE Microsoft Exchange Public Folders:
11:53:11.177: <4> dos_backup::V_VerifyFileList: INF - unable to determine UBS type for:_BACKUP_SPECIAL_OBJECTS AFTER Microsoft Exchange Public Folders:

What is wrong ?

Level 4
1 question

1) under file selection in the policy do you have Microsoft Information Store:\ selected

also look at this. do you have proper permssions to backup exchange

Level 4
Employee Accredited
That logging is the same stuff you're going to see in logs of working backups for the most part. There are no errors in the logging provided.

What is the failure status of the backup? That would be more helpful.

Level 6
did you load the exchange agent?

Level 2
How do I have to load this agent ?
In the Windows-Exchange server I suppose? or from de Unix-Netbackup server ?
In the administrator's guide they say that all is installed automatically for Exchange ....
We have
"11:53:54.087: [2260.2904] <2> tar_base::V_vTarMsgW: WRN - unable to successfully enumerate folder: Microsoft Exchange Public Folders:\"