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MySQL Agent for NetBackup 8.1.2

Level 2

Hello everyone,

So I was trying to understand more about the MySQL backup and found out there's an agent for NetBackup (v8.1.2) which should be installed. As per the following article:

The downoad should be available at, but when I click the link it redirects me to the support page, in which I can't manage to find any Agent for MySQL in the related downloads.

I tried browsing as well, but couldn't find anything, am I miss something? Is there a download link somewhere?

Thank you very much in advance.


Level 6
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@VS95 , on the Support page:
Click on 'Downloads'
Click on 'Sign in' if not already logged on.

Select NetBackup and Version 8.1.2, then 'Explore'. 

Click on Base and upgrade Installers. should be in the list .